Amazing Coverage of #2Crave Models, Ashley Twomey, Elizabeth Velasquez and Vanessa Thompson @ashley2me @elizabeth_velasquez @vanessthomp

Pasadena, CA, by W&HM Staff - 2Crave Wheels always bring their super cool models to shows, actually to many + many shows.  They are one of the most reliable vendors, if not _the_ most reliable vendor, who have consistent and frequent appearances at various car shows.  Their presence at any show easily tops other companies' booths in term of foot traffic, attendee interests, as well as model magnetism, which in turn created Disneyland-like lines, Hollywood-paparazzi-like flashes, and tons of exposure and extra long marketing reach.

At the 2014 Bimmerfest West, 2Crave was no exception to their tradition.  They had Ashley Twomey, Elizabeth Velasquez, and Vanessa Thompson at the booth.  They generated so much hotness that could rival the overheating weather at the Rose Bowl park, Pasadena, CA.  The line was non-stop and everybody went to the booth got their 2Crave souvenirs home.  We definitely look forward to seeing them a lot in future shows!

2Crave Wheels not only are hard working on the marketing side, their design and engineering teams constantly come up with new ideas and generate new products to fit different segment of the market.  Their super popular product line, Mach M, now with the latest M 7 model, is perfect for the luxury cars that want that distinct and high end design look.  The sleek and clean style of those rims gives an elevated feel of performance and perfectionism.

Part 2 of The Incredibly Large Collection of #Rohanawheels Models, at 2014 Bimmerfest, @noemii_j @jessicaendres

Pasadena, CA, by W&HM Staff - (This is the part 2 of the incredible collection of the coverage of Rohana booth at the 2014 Bimmerfest West.)

As shown in the part 1, Rohana Wheels has brought in the full promotional model force at the show.  Here we have Noemii J and Jessica Endres, who are great models in their own individual ways.  Despite the differences, both create great magnet power to the show attendees, and ultimately excelled at the booth's promotional duties.

This year seems to be the biggest Bimmerfest that we've seen since our coverage several years back.  The genius of Rohana marketing team took this great opportunity and run with a top line up of great promotional models, making sure that most show goers, if not all of them, know Rohana by their display, their brand identify and thematic color, and drive them to their website to learn more about the company and offerings.  We applaud the great job Rohana has done, as we look forward to seeing them again in the near future, and definitely again at the SEMA show.

Incredibly Large Collection of #Rohanawheels Models, at 2014 Bimmerfest, @jessicakes33 @serenasuu

Pasadena, CA, by W&HM Staff - When you pass the entrance of the 2014 Bimmerfest West, at the beautiful Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, you would first encounter the Rohana Wheels booth among all vendors.  Rohana always brings their A game to shows.  Last year, they had Holly Lee at the booth and attracted a lot of foot traffic to the booth. This time, Rohana did it at four folds.  They had four awesome models at their booth accompanying their sleek designs wheels and booth presence.  They definitely made a very strong impression on us, and set the tone of the event into a festive and active atmosphere for the rest of the car show.  After a long coverage of the day's event, we can conclude that Rohana had the greatest promotional model presence at the show, making them the best booth of promotional models at the 2014 Bimmerfest!

Rohana had hired our cover model, Jessica Weaver (above), as well as other amazing models including Serena Su (below), Noemii J (next article) and Jessica Endres (next article).  We did such a large coverage of them that we have to split the coverage into two so to ease your download time of the article.

Triple Crowns at 2014 Redline Time Attack Fontana, @OfficialSandraWong @arrrrlz @Leaannep

Fontana, CA, by Py - 2014 Redline Time Attack (RTA) at Fontana is a special event for the magazine.  We have the great luck that three of our cover models are at the event.  They are the RTA official models, Arley Elizabeth and Sandra Wong, as well as the model turned racing driver Lea Anne P.  Not only they are the cover models, they are the double-cover models, which means that they have graced our cover twice already for each one.  That's equivalent to 6 covers here!  We were so happy to capture some of the cool and best moements in RTA coverage history!

2014 Bimmerfest West at Rose Bowl Pasadena - Big Coverage Highlight of Tons of Great Models

Pasadena, CA, by Py - This year, The 2014 Bimmerfest West at the beautiful Rose Bowl in Pasadena, is another great success!  Last year, it was a record breaking turn-out and generated a lot of buzzes.  This year, it seems that they have done an even great job!  The overheated southern California weather did not seem to deter the fans' passion for attending the all-thing-BMW event to see all sorts of cool upgrades and mods that other people have done.  We witnessed a huge amount of vendor presence, and never ending lines of BMW cars snaking through the narrow roads to Rose Bowl.  It was a extremely fun and great event!  

With so many vendors, we were happy to find more models at the show, especially top models, and even more so our cover models at various booths and spaces.  Despite the near 100F degrees of heat, they gave us awesome smiles, beautiful poses, and cool photos!  Here we saw Franchesca Del Carpio (above) for Vibe Motorsports, and Sandra Wong (below) for VMR Wheels.  They simply looked amazing and refreshing even though we were all coping with the temperature.  

Jessica Weaver (above) gave us lots of awesome shots, totally did a great job at the Rohana Wheels booth.  She's always so wonderful to shoot with!  We were very happy to see Arley Elizabeth for the ModBargains / ModAutos booth.  She was super busy signing her posters non-stop to her fans and show attendees.  She even did a signing on a guy's cell phone case. Now that's a really cool idea!!

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