Super Playful #R1Concepts Models @miss_brittani_paige #brittanipaige and @danngamber #amberalvarez at 2014 #Bimmerfest West

Pasadena, CA, by W&HM Staff - At the 2014 Bimmerfest West, one booth that you would not miss is the R1 Concepts booth. It has an expansive several tables long space, with walking around models in front of them, and Big Abe guarding the models as well as showcasing himself as a cool celebrity, and of course, the top R1 Concepts models, our feature model Amber Alvarez as well as the beautiful Brittani Paige.  When these two showed up, you can guarantee that there will be some awesomely fun moments!

Amber Alvarez, a constant outside-the-box thinker, and never-a-dull-moment model, always attracts cameras with her utmost energy and creativity.  If you point your camera at her, she would make a Spinal-Tap-esque "turn it up to 11" level of expressiveness.  However, don't be fooled by the intensity of her ultra-fun persona, she is also a very cool person inside.  Amber is always true to herself and thirsty for knowledge as well as the meaning of ... everything!  She has a love affair with international traveling and has left her heart in Taiwan, where she doing her modeling / go-go dancing arts over there.

We've seen Brittani Paige from her starting of import modeling to her now super star social media stardom.  She rose up quickly with her gorgeous look, and awesome talents, as well as friendly personality, and definitely her unorthodox approach to promotional modeling.  In front of the camera, she is like a in-person reality show that shows the beautiful colors of her genius in her interpersonal skills.  She can engage people, she can make people feel related, she can make sure that there would be happy and fun pictures of her at all time.

And when we put Brittani and Amber together, you would know that it's trouble time, good trouble we mean...

And if you add Big Abe into the mix, then all things go...

Big Abe is a big celebrity with her own brand, his own media work, and his on celebrity status!
R1 Concepts have done a great job in getting all these talents together and promote the best of their products and create a fun and leisure atmosphere at the same time.


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