December 31, 2013

2014 Top 6 Trends and Forecasts by Wheels and Heels Magazine

Los Angeles, CA, by Py with contribution from our sage photographer, Clinton Lum - 2013 has been a wonderful year.  There have been lots of car shows/meets, occasionally being too many, like three events on the same day and still missing out others at the same time.  Also, there is a steady sea change in the promotional modeling world that we see new talents coming up strong.  We reflect on what we have observed and tap into our inner event-algorithm and compiled six forecasts for the year of 2014.  We love to hear what you think.  Post your comments in the below comment section.  We will chime in whenever we can.  Thanks.

Happy New Year and look forward to bringing in more awesome coverage for all!

1. Sharp Rising of Car Meets and Open Houses

There have been an incredible amount of car meets and open  houses in 2013.  We have covered AMF Forged Open House (shortened to OH), Subaru Summer Solstice OH, RPM Car Meet (CM), 2Crave OH, HRE Autofashion, LMT OH, Import at Irvine CM, Melyssa Video Shoot CM, Extreme Dimensions OH, Relaxin SoCal Alpine Audio CM, GSWerks OH, Summer Kickin Mitsubishi OH, Eibach Springs OH, Hooters SShow Ontario CM, R1-Concepts OH, MFest Pacific BMW OH, Sunset Show-Off CM by Limitless Society.  "I can't remember my coverage from previous years that had so many open house events." said Clinton Lum.  We are sure that we have missed a lot still.

On top of the sheer number, also the organizations, the sizes, and the inclusions of models, all make these events much more enticing.  To a degree, they are blurring the line of a car show or a car meet, since they have all the elements of a major car show (fans, cars, vendors, food trucks, models, DJs, and promotions).  Since this is a low cost entry event with potential big publicity value, we see even more coming in 2014.

The Takeaways: Vendors, especially wheels and tires vendors, don't miss out this great chance to make your brand stand out there.  Remember to hire great models for the event.  Their social media power will be a major marketing force for you.  Models, network with the vendors that you have worked with so not to miss the opportunities of being hired or being there.

2. Make-Specific Car Shows Becoming More Popular 

We saw record number attendance of this year's Bimmerfest at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, as well as very strong showing of 86Fest in Fontana, and Subifest at the same Autoclub Speedway, plus several others.  These make-specific car shows are getting more prominent.  Enthusiasts, fans, and friends all love the comradery in these tight communities.  Vendors love it especially for their specific target potential buyers and brand exposure.  Promotional models pay more attentions to them as these events are getting bigger and popular.  We see a continual growth in this genre of the car events.
The Takeaways: Promoters, keep up the great work!  We love to see bigger expansion of the community.  Vendors, these are some of the best events to show your brand, if you have make-specific services or product offerings.  Models, put these shows on your radar screen.  There is more money flowing into this segment.

3. Growing car shows branching out

Several major car show teams have or will have plans to expand their footprints to a wider coverage of the geographical regions.  Autocon has already extended to Miami FL, Seattle WA.  Spocom has also set foot on Taipei Taiwan already, which is a world major power in car parts, accessories and wheels manufacturing.  Wekfest is going to Japan and Hawaii in 2014.  We highly applaud these bold moves to bring or mingle with the world wide communities.  With the prevalent social media reach, maybe 2014 is the car show spring year.


The Takeaways: Car Show Teams and Promoters, what an awesome job!!  We love to see expansion more and more and also share with the local fans to make the car show world really flat!  Car owners and car clubs, check out these reputable car shows and interact with far away like-minded.  There may be some good deals and information than you expect.  Models, there are strong opportunities more that you may be able to travel internationally, now there are great reasons for it!  Get yourself out there and network, network, and network!!

4. Vaping Stores Gold Rush

We don't know what's the linkage between car shows and vaping stores.  Nonetheless, they are popping up all over the place and the promotions seemed to be revolving around the import car shows world a lot. "It seems that more import models are showing up to Vape store openings.  More Vape vendors are showing up at import shows.  And there are even vape conventions.  Who would have thought that there was enough people to justify a vape convention?" said Clinton Lum.  This is definitely a boom time for the vaping store industry.  Before the FDA doing anything drastic, the vaping trend is poised to continue its big push into the car shows, along with promotional activities.
The Takeaways: Vaping Vendors, go as far and as fast as you can but be mindful of any regulations that may come down to the pike.  Import models are awesome in drawing people especially in their effectiveness.  If you can do an open house combined with a small car meet and talented model, the brand benefits are immense.  As said earlier too, the big name models have big social media draws.  If you are going to spend money, spend it on the right spot.  The conversion to sales would be left to you on how you can do it right though.  Models, if you are looking to be in the import car scenes, vaping vendors are a key element in it now. So you know that there are many opportunities.

5. New Talents, Shooting Stars

New models come into the scene all the time.  However, there seems to be a sea change that we see a lot more of them than before.  In relatively brief modeling exposure, they come in with full confidence, passion, and talents.  Gloria Touch, featured in our magazine, has been in numerous magazines already, and Brittany Brickner has won KROQ Doube D-December title within the half-year modeling life already.  Bravo and more bravos to all the talented new comers.  Keep up the good work and don't stop!


The Takeaways: New Models, don't doubt yourself.  Go out and lasso your dream and don't let go.  Keep working hard, working humble, always networking and don't burn bridges.  It's a very small world. And get on social media and work it smartly.

6. Social Media Platform Shifting

The king is not dead yet, but we do have some concerns about it.  Facebook is the long reigning social media platform among all.  It was all fun and hot and chatty.  Then the inevitable happened.  After IPO, the pressure to monetize the free becomes obvious.  No longer the viral reach of one's post.  The you-have-to-pay-to-play model has drastically commercialize this multi-universe.  On the other hand, Instagram has been our favor new choice of social platform.  It's fitting for our pictorial centric presence without the much limitations and complications of the big one.  Don't get us wrong, Facebook is still the 1 billion plus user planet.  It's just that their effectiveness is waning and people are looking for other ways to grow their communities.

The Takeaways: Models, social media is one of the most important time-wasters that you need in  your profession.  Treat it as a profession as well.  Spamming your followers with every second of your adreline rush or sensation spur would not sit well with most people.  Showing your personality, happy moments, achievements and upcoming events will make them feel informed and connected.  Vendors, besides the usual of social / content marketing lessons, one point of leverage you can use is the models' social media power.  It's totally amazing to see how Melyssa Grace, our cover model, can pull in so much donation in helping Typhoon Haiyan disaster relief.  It's a pure power these days.


With so many exciting trends that we foresee in 2014, we can only say that we very much look forward to them to come to fruition.  And we will bring the evidence to you for sure!  Stay tuned for a glorious 2014!

Here at Wheels and Heels Magazine, we wish all a very happy and safe new year!  See or share with you all soon!

One more, we sincerely thank Clinton Lum for his tremendous participation to the magazine.  He is the best of the best!  And thank Eduardo Suarez for bringing several East coast event coverage to us.  He's done a great job and we highly appreciate it!!

December 30, 2013

Wheels and Heels Mag Issue 12 with Cover Model Brie Williams

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 12 - Cover Model Brie Williams
Free digital copy (14MB PDF): 

Los Angeles, CA, by Py, Chief Editor - We are super excited to end this adventurous year of 2013 with W&HM Issue 12.  This particular issue indicates several major trends that the magazine will be going,
- The format is mature now, and you will see a stable 44-page magazine under $10 for print copy
- The design is becoming creative and we love what we did in this issue and will be more in the future
- The digital copy will be free for the entire 2014 to dramatically increase the readership

In this issue, we have the awesome cover model Brie Williams and a wonderful pictorial spreads of this super talented model.  We compiled a 2013 leggy photo series to remember who stepped through our memory lane and stayed there for a long time.  Also included are big coverage of the International Motorcycle Show Long Beach, as well as Paul Walker Memorial (by Clinton Lum), as well as the boutique FT-86 Nation Racing and Car Show Fontana.  Then we close the issue with a vibrant model of Lisa Recupero.

In the year 2014, we will continue working with more high brand models to bring you more awesome and strong pictorial features.  We also will increase the exposure of new talents and budding stars.  We believe in cultivating great talents, giving them chances, and helping them to shine in this big industry.

Also, in 2014, we will be seeking more columnists and specific features of cars, vendors, and companies to create what we call in-depth stories and advertorials to help spread the good messages.

And to close the year 2013, we wish all a wonderful and safe new year.  There are so much in the store that we are super excited about the coming future!!

If you like to contact us, send us an email at 

December 29, 2013

Stunning @AmyAmesModel and @LilySangg at Sunset Show-Off by #LimitlessSociety

Walnut, CA, by Py - One of the best way to wrap up a good year in its last weekend is to have a car meet with cool rides, cool models, and a cool DJ.  At the Sunset Show-off car meet in Walnut, the stunning models, Amy Ames, and Lily Sangg set the festive tone of the car meet.  They posed for photographers and they gave out raffle tickets, along with the well mixed dance music.  This is one good time for sure!

When asked about why not doing the car meet earlier, the team said that they love the cozy car meet atmosphere, especially in a Saturday evening.  It's a place to hang out, to have fun, and enjoy good food and check out the cool cars.  It's a relaxing and good time here.

December 26, 2013

W&HM 2013 Top Image Review in Wallpaper Formt - Best Poses Model Pictures

Los Angeles, CA, W&HM - Continuing our countdown to 2014, here are a couple of desktop wall papers featuring awesome models with awesome poses.  We highly salute to these amazing models for their talents in creating such gorgeous photos for us.  All these were done with them while being tens and tens of fans and photographers, among hundreds of camera clicks, and in just a few seconds!  If this is not genius, we don't know what else can be as a model.

In the above wallpaper, we have Holly Lee, Lovely Rachelle, Lilly Evans, (removed), Brittani Paige, Amy Ames, and Ellie Roxx.

Then we have a lot more including Elizabeth Velasquez*, Melyssa Grace*, Leng Yein*, Marissa Hiroko, Crystal Mendez*, Serena Su, Raichelle Viado, Erica Nagashima, and Jessica Harbour.

* To see more coverage and features of the model, click on the labels below in the gray box.
* If you have links to other sources of the model, please add to the comment section. Thanks.
* Model, if you like provide updates, or request changes, please let us know.

December 25, 2013

W&HM 2013 Top Image Review in Wallpaper Formt - Best Leggy Model Pictures

Los Angeles, CA, by W&HM - Tis' the season of giving.  Here at the magazine, we want to give you the best of the best, free too!  Staring today, we will provide various top images that our chief editor picked and have them in the desktop / HDTV friendly wallpaper format (1920 x 1080).   This way, you may begin to come to work early, and probably stay late as well. Sounds like it's a productive booster gift that you will get this year! This could be a great start of the 2014, early too!

In the past few days, we were busy digging through our event coverage photos from this year's events and painstakingly went through every one of them.  Then we picked the absolute amazing ones and ended up with 500+ best of the best out of near 10K photos.  And then we went through them several times, and gathered the cream of the crop photos to create these awesome photos.  We have some specific categories, including stunning leggy model photos, most curvaceous model photos, as well as awesome and gorgeous poses and expressions, and more.

Here we have the first batch of the leggy model photos, fittingly for the "Heels" portion of our brand name. From the top to the bottom (names with "*" are our cover / feature models), we have Eva Skye*, Chaba*, Claudia Alan*, Love Lena, Jeri Lee/

The above continues with Jamie Lynn, Marie Alvarez, Diamond Zaang*, Amanda Kerr* and Julie.

Amanda Kerr*, Diamond Zaang*, Elizabeth Velasquez*, Charise Jeanine, Love Lena

Erica Nagashima, Jenna Trujillo, Marie Alvarez, Gwendolynne Gee, Ryan Oso

(We did not capture this leggy model's name...), Tammy Ly, Ling Ferrero, Serena Su and Chelsea Lee.

Of course, this is far from an exhaustive list of the gorgeous leggy models from the shows.  In fact there are so many of them, that we have to keep some for the print edition which is coming up soon, as well.  If you have any suggestions on more models to be included in the above year-in-review list, please leave a comment and we will see if we can find and produce them for you!

Happy Holidays!

If you like the wallpapers, please like our FB page here!  Thanks!

* To see more coverage and features of the model, click on the labels below in the gray box.
* If you have links to other sources of the model, please add to the comment section. Thanks.
* Model, if you like provide updates, or request changes, please let us know.

December 24, 2013

LT Motorwerks Toy Drive, 50+ Pictures Coverage with Jessica Weaver by Clinton Lum @Calibre68

El Monte, CA - Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM - It's a beautiful day, many beautiful cars, with beautiful Jessica Weaver, got together for a beautiful cause, the Toy Drive by LT Motorwerks in El Monte.  Our sage contributor Clinton Lum has captured many great shots of the cars in the drive meet.  Mostly cars are European performance and purely awesome in their impeccable conditions.  Jessica Weaver looks awesome among these cool cars.  Click here or the above picture for the full article and 50+ photos coverage!

December 23, 2013

Diana Grant - A High Professionalism and Grand Model


Diana Grant

Whenever we do our coverage of events with Diana Grant in them, we always thought about the world "professionalism" about her.  Diana's professionalism does not just stop at being on time, or being fully prepared and putting up smiles.  That's "expected professionalism".  Hers is "high professionalism", which includes proactively engaging attendees of the shows, making people feel well cared, working 360 degrees around her visual peripherals, as well as actively ensuring the promotional activities are well organized and run.  This level of professionalism is usually only seen in high offices in corporate offices.  By inference, we are very sure that whatever she does besides her modeling life, would be very well run and super successful!  Our hats off to her!!

The proactive attitude and assertiveness does not mask the grand looking of Diana.  Wherever she stays, you can feel her presence, and she feels yours too.  She has that majestic all American look.  It's as if she can ride a horse and run miles and miles through the Rockies in the west, or big plains in the mid-west, or dense forests in New England.  She just gives us that confidence of the can-do determination, which is perfectly embodiment of the American spirit!



December 22, 2013

Lisa Lee Marie - An Wholesome Sexy Angel from Heaven @LisaLeeMarie13


Lisa Lee Marie

This 5'4" blonde angel looks like a carefree all American girl who is just at the next block to you.  Lisa Lee Marie has been very active in the car show industry during the 2011 period.  She was the Hankook girl, which is one of the most prestige roles in the auto promotional modeling world.  Born in Oregon, Lisa Lee Marie moved to So-Cal and grew up as a beautiful golden California girl.  Looking at her infectious smile, and smile-and-smart eye gazes, as well as her warm personality, we have to say that God created Lisa Lee Marie.

She is back to be active in the car show world, and we have seen her in 2013 SEMA, Auto Enthusiast Day, rain or shine.  We definitely look forward to seeing her again and many times in the coming events.


Twitter: @LisaLeeMarie13

December 21, 2013

Crystal Leigh - A Beautiful and Cool Model @xoCrystalleigh

Crystal Leigh
"I spray champagne for a living", wrote Crystal Leigh on her twitter account profile.  That pretty much sets the tone of this beautiful and fun model's working life.  Crystal has those semi-translucent crystal green eyes,that draw you, or your viewfinder in with no end.  Her 5'5" curvaceous yet shapely figure comes with gorgeous legs and proportions.  No wonder her appearances are sought after by prints and promotional events.  Crystal is no stranger at all to the car shows.  In fact, she started modeling at the DUB tour and Lowrider shows since 2008.  Looking through her portfolio would give you a full sense of how talented, as well as aesthetically savvy in her choosing working partners and representations.  As we always advocate that don't just put up pictures in your portfolio, only put the best of the best in it.  Surely Crystal has both the quality AND quantity to confirm that principle.  We say bravo, bravo!

Even though we did not have great luck capturing many photos of Crystal's prolific modeling appearances, sure you can google or find her in sites like Flickr to find more awesome photos of her.  Hopefully we can balance this problem back into equilibrium in our coverage of her again in the future.


Twitter: @xoCrystalleigh
IG: @xoCrystalleigh

December 20, 2013

Elle Navarro - A Multi-Talented and Multi-Magazine-Cover Model

Elle Navarro

Elle Navarro is a multi-national-magazine-cover model.  Her deep involvement in the auto events and shows industry, has earned her many achievements, including the 2012 Miss Spocom solo hosting role and Lowrider magazine as well as Super Street magazine covers.  At 5'3", Elle though looks petite, she has a commanding presence at any occasion.  She is very popular among media as well as show attendees.  When she poses for pictures, she gives out 100%.  That we appreciate very much!  


TW: @ElleNavarro
IG: @ellenavarro

December 19, 2013

Sarai Rollins - Incredibly Sensual and Totally WOW! @SaraiRollins


Sarai Rollins

The leggy 5'8" model has many talents and skills under her belt.  Not only she kick ass in modeling, she is also acting, performing, competing in triathlons, as well as speaking in sign language!  Her sheer beauty and natural sensuality makes her an ideal promotional model, commercial models, entertainment personality, or any roles that requires hotness!  We see her career taking off like a Higgs boson flying through the European particle accelerator.  In the short two years since 2011, she has achieved so many levels of accomplishments that her resume is running out of paper to write!  We look forward to this awesome model continuing her trajectory to the super stardom that she deserves!


Web site:
MM Profile:
FB Page:

December 18, 2013

Cara Provenzano - A Carefree and Bright Model @carapro

Cara Provenzano - 

Cara Provenzano has a natural pleasant aura around her wherever she goes. In our magazine coverage's case, it seems that we see her annually at SEMA show.  Even though that's the only occasion that we meet her, she always look so refreshing, bright and calm to all the cameras and flashes that were pointing to her.  Her sweet smiles and friendly gestures, would put anyone at ease and wanted to start a chat with her.  She is that kind of model that you feel really comfortable with, even though she has such a glamorous look.

Cara, 5'7" blonde, is originally from New York, and moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and her modeling career is heading to a great direction.  We definitely look forward to seeing her in making more appearances, hopefully in other events that we cover as well.

December 17, 2013

Brittany Brickner @BrittBrixx - What a Vivacious and Awesome Model

Brittany Brickner

Brittany Brickner is a go-getter and hard working model, where nothing can stop her, rain or shine.  We first met Brittany at the EAF San Diego event.  Her passion for modeling can be felt throughout the encountering that we had with her.  She has an uplifting cheerful personality that is very infectious.  Even though we have only seen her in the context of 2Crave promotions, she is very popular in the Southern California scenes.  We look forward to seeing her in many events in the future!

Brittany Brickner Info: 

IG: @brittbrixx

December 16, 2013

Ashley Twomey - Multi-Talented Blonde Bombshell

Ashley Twomey

This 5'7" tall blonde with dazzling smiles and sparkling eyes has a matching bright personality, as well as her multi-talents in fashion modeling, promotional modeling, make up artistry, and hair styling.  Her extensive experiences in modeling has earned her in numerous national and international commercials, videos, TV appearances, fashion magazine prints, major brand campaigns, as well as many other promotional projects and roles.  We have very high respect to this amazing model!

When we met her at the 2013 SEMA event, Ashley was so easy to talk to, and we were mesmerized by her bright personality and impressed by her professional assertiveness.  We see nothing but an amazing future laying in front of her!

Ashley Twomey Info: 

Main web site:
MM profile:
IG: @ashley2me 

December 15, 2013

Change is on the way...

We are experimenting a new direction of coverage... Stay tuned!

SEMA Corissa Furr and Summer Daniels

Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - Pirelli this year has done something different at SEMA, something major!  They have the wonderful and familiar awesome models, including Corissa Furr, Summer Daniels, and Elle Navarro, and more, at the booth this year.  It's a replacement of the Venezuelan models, who have been gorgeous too but less accessible to the general American attendees and fans.

Therefore, the booth has been more crowded because people who aren't familiar with the famous models love the freebies and people who are fans and familiar with these great models paid a lot more attention to them.  It's a win plus win combination!  Great job!

December 14, 2013

One of the Best Articles on the Web of Paul Walker Memorial Meet, Written and Captured by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Clinton Lum, our sage contributor, has written a beautiful and informational piece with great coverage photos of Paul Walker Memorial Meet at Valencia, CA.  This is one of the best article written about the memorial that we've seen on the web. Don't miss it.

Julie Mai Always Looks This Awesome, #SEMA2013 @JoolieMai

Las Vegas, NV by Py wheelsandheelsmag - Julie Mai always has a very beautiful and memorable smile, together with a quick and bright mind.  Her eyes are beaming with deep wisdom, yet with so much playfulness that are totally irresistible!  

When we were cruising around the gigantic Las Vegas Convention Center SEMA show, we noticed a brightly dressed beauty who has all the above cool qualities.  It was a great surprise to see Julie Mai, as we did not get any ground signal of this happening.  It's always great to catch up with Julie, as she is a natural conversationalist with all the fresh information and happenings.  Totally awesome!

Besides the good chatting, we did not forget to capture her beauty to share with our readers.  As you can see, Julie Mai always looks so amazing!!

December 12, 2013

Super Promo Model Constance Nunes at #SEMA2013 for #Savini @constance_nunes

Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - When we entered the wheels and tires section at SEMA this year, we noticed a strong force in the middle of the hall.  The super promotional model, Constance Nunes, who is also an amazing fashion model, stood tall at the Savini booth around the rotating platform with a cool Lamborghini.  We said wow!  Got to take great photos of this stunning talent.  However, due to her and her beautiful model friend, the booth was packed with people, and of course cameras too.  We finally elbowed our way in for a nano-photo-shoot session with Constance, and the results are very rewarding.  Good job well done!

December 11, 2013

Hot Auto Enthusiast Day at a Rainy Fontana Day by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @MsSandraWong

Fontana, CA, Photo by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff - Rain or shine, snow or heat, it never deters our sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, to attend a great event with lots of awesome cars and of course awesome models!

Auto Enthusiast Day is a congregation of cool cars and awesome models, a mini version of a big car show, with all the bells and whistles.  Well, it rained the day before, and rained hard on the event day.  Nonetheless, it did not stop many car owners to show their passion, many models to show up to support the event, especially at the Nitto and 2Crave booths, and certainly did not stop Clinton!

We have many cool models at the scene, from our cover model Sandra Wong, as well as Lisa Lee Marie and Jacky Kvicky and Gina Darling and more for the Nitto Tires.  At the 2Crave booth, there was Brittany Brickner standing tall at the 2Crave tent.

Judging from the smiles and happy peace signs, the models had a wonderful time and so did Clinton as well, we can tell!  Awesome!  Hopefully next time, it will be clear and there will  be even more cars and models and cameras at the event!!

December 10, 2013

W&HM Print Issue 11 #CoverModel - Claudia Alan @RealClaudiaAlan Part 2

Los Angeles, by Py - Now from the sunny southern California beach to the historical San Fernando Mission Garden.  Claudia showed us her flawless look among the beautiful flowers and majestic trees, a perfect fitting to this amazing and talented model!  Here is a snippet of the interview that we had with Claudia.  The full interview text is in the print edition.

December 9, 2013

W&HM Print Issue 11 #CoverModel - Claudia Alan @RealClaudiaAlan with RPM and Kelly Kanae Subaru WRX

Los Angeles, CA, by Py - Claudia Alan is a super model in the import car show scene, as well as in the promotional modeling world across other industries.  She achieved such a prestige status with all the traits of a highly successful person.  From the start, she impresses you with her wholesome and sheer beauty before you meet her in her.  Her smile is angelic and hearty that could melt any body's defense.  If you get a chance to talk with her, you will warmed by her personable friendliness to you.  You feel like a friend you hang out with for a long time.  Then if you know her more, your head would be imprinted with her wisdom toward life and learning and career and more.  After you take several pictures of her, you will happily found that she looks flawless and awesome in those photos.  On top of all these, she has a very kind heart.  She's nice to her fans and friends.  In a support to Haiyan Typhoon Donation event, she lent her hand to the event, and get people to come to the great cause hosted by A Touch of Grace Foundation by Melyssa Grace.

We say, if this is not a super successful professional, who could then?  We are so excited that she is our cover model for the W&HM Issue 11 Print Edition.  In the cover feature, you will find the great editorial photos of Claudia, together with a long interview with this totally amazing model!

During the month of December 2013, we will give our the digital copy free once you sign up our club (also free) here.
We are very grateful to RPM, Racing Performance Motorsport for providing an excellent location for the great shoot to create this ultra beautiful cover editorial of Claudia.  Kelly Kanae has given us her splendid Subaru WRX for the cover shoot.  The WRX looks amazing, and more amazing thing is that Kelly does all the work on the car herself.  That is totally awesome!!  To learn about what Kelly has put into her WRX, definitely check out the Issue 11.  The list is a very long one!

December 8, 2013

W&HM #2014Calendar is Available!! #Brain and #Beauty!

W&HM 2014 Calendar
28 pages, published 12/8/2013
Wheels and Heels Magazine W&HM 2014 Calendar featuring Melyssa Grace, Franchesca Del Carpio, Claudia Alan, Tera Patrick, Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, Olivia Korte, Jessica Weaver, Arley Elizabeth, Leng Yein, Elena Romanova, Sandra Wong, Brie Williams, models, celebrities, import models, Subaru WRX, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Lotus, Mustang
By Py / Los Angeles, CA - We are very excited about the W&HM 2014 Calendar.  Not only the photos are gorgeous and very office and shop friendly, the models are top tier models in the industry as well as upcoming stars, also with super awesome Tera Patrick!  They are simply amazing!

Melyssa Grace graced the cover of the calendar for her sheer beauty and talents, drifting passion, and most of all, her dedication and efforts to help the Haiyan Typhoon relief fundraising and food donations for the victims in affected Philippine.  We are greatly proud of our amazing cover model and it's such an honor to work with her in many occasions.  Salute!!

Together with Melyssa, we have many amazing models, as listed in the description.  We carried the tradition of including a quote from each model in the photo.  This makes the calendar extra special and has much better longevity on your wall, with beauty for your eyes and thinking for your head. :-)

The calendar is of the standard size (8.25" x 10.75", almost the letter size) saddle stapled.  Therefore when you hang it on the wall, you might want to reverse fold it a little before pin it on the wall.

Check it out and order one today!  It would help us bring more future high quality beautiful and extended contents to you too!  Thanks!

Many Great Models at 2013 International Motorcycle show at Long Beach Convention Center

By Py / Long Beach, CA - It's a rainy day, cold, damp and unfriendly, which is perfect for an indoor motorcycle show!!  The 2013 International Motorcycle Show inside Long Beach Convention Center was packed with shoulder to shoulder motorcyclists and fans.  (We will have a show floor motorcycle article coming out soon.)

This year, it seems that there are many models at the event, compared to the previous years.  On top of it, we were so happy to see two of our cover models, Arley Elizabeth and Carolyn Martin at the show, together with a future-feature model Ashley Harrell!!  We were in heaven!  Read on to see many more great models at the International Motorcycle Show Long Beach!

December 7, 2013

Genius Tools' Mao Liu, Awesome Cutie First Time in The US from Taiwan for #SEMA2013

Las Vegas, NV by W&HM - Genius Tools always bring their cool models to the SEMA show, and definitely they bring a lot of fun and attentions to the booth.  In the sea of hard metal and quick sale pitches, Genius Tools stands out with the soft and fun touch like an oasis in the desert.  It's always fun to stop by the booth everyday during the show!

Mao Liu who has never been to the US, flew all the way from Taiwan to attend the SEMA 2013 gigantic show for Genius Tools.  She has a great personality and great promotional model at the booth.  She and Jennifer Irene Gonzalez made a fun youtube vid of fighting for tools at Genius Tools gathered some eyeballs virtually and in reality.  Her inks are also very cool, matching her personality, of beauty, elegance, and strength!  We definitely look forward to seeing her again in the future!!  Great job everybody!!

December 6, 2013

Leggy Ashley Clark @ashhhhcee and Serena Su @serenasuu at Paxton Sueprchargers in #SEMA2013

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - When we entered the convention center after the media registration, the first pair of models that we met, happily to say the least, are Ashley Clark and Serena Su for Paxton Superchargers.  They are constantly busy signing their posters to the show attenders, that formed a long line for their chance to talk to the two awesome models and get a personalized autographed poster.
We have seen Ashley Clark in many events before and she is always so bright and happy in our photos.  Definitely check out all the photos following the label link at the end of the article, and click her name.  Serena Su is relatively new to the modeling in comparison, yet has her own style and look.  We are very happy to see both of them and do look forward to seeing them in the near future!
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