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2014 Top 6 Trends and Forecasts by Wheels and Heels Magazine
Wheels and Heels Mag Issue 12 with Cover Model Brie Williams
Stunning @AmyAmesModel and @LilySangg at Sunset Show-Off by #LimitlessSociety
W&HM 2013 Top Image Review in Wallpaper Formt - Best Poses Model Pictures
W&HM 2013 Top Image Review in Wallpaper Formt - Best Leggy Model Pictures
LT Motorwerks Toy Drive, 50+ Pictures Coverage with Jessica Weaver by Clinton Lum @Calibre68
Diana Grant - A High Professionalism and Grand Model
Lisa Lee Marie - An Wholesome Sexy Angel from Heaven @LisaLeeMarie13
Crystal Leigh - A Beautiful and Cool Model @xoCrystalleigh
Elle Navarro - A Multi-Talented and Multi-Magazine-Cover Model
Sarai Rollins - Incredibly Sensual and Totally WOW!  @SaraiRollins
Cara Provenzano - A Carefree and Bright Model @carapro
Brittany Brickner @BrittBrixx - What a Vivacious and Awesome Model
Ashley Twomey - Multi-Talented Blonde Bombshell
Change is on the way...
SEMA Corissa Furr and Summer Daniels
One of the Best Articles on the Web of Paul Walker Memorial Meet, Written and Captured by Clinton Lum @calibre68
Julie Mai Always Looks This Awesome, #SEMA2013 @JoolieMai
Super Promo Model Constance Nunes at #SEMA2013 for #Savini @constance_nunes
Hot Auto Enthusiast Day at a Rainy Fontana Day by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @MsSandraWong
W&HM Print Issue 11 #CoverModel - Claudia Alan @RealClaudiaAlan Part 2
W&HM Print Issue 11 #CoverModel - Claudia Alan @RealClaudiaAlan with RPM and Kelly Kanae Subaru WRX
W&HM #2014Calendar is Available!!  #Brain and #Beauty!
Many Great Models at 2013 International Motorcycle show at Long Beach Convention Center
Genius Tools' Mao Liu, Awesome Cutie First Time in The US from Taiwan for #SEMA2013
Leggy Ashley Clark @ashhhhcee and Serena Su @serenasuu at Paxton Sueprchargers in #SEMA2013