#VeritiniWheels had Two Cool Models @_TiannaG #TiannaGregory and #TrixieGogo at 2014 Autocon

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - At 2014 Autocon LA, wheels vendors made a big presence there.  Vertini Wheels is no exception, and they brought in two very cool models for the show to help them promote the cool wheels that they had on display.  They certainly did not disappoint with the results, as the model duo did lots of camera exposures for media and show attendees, generating lots of buzzes and a fun atmosphere.
This is the first time we met Tianna Gregory.  At the first glance, we thought that we saw our cover model from our #12 print issue.  Then we quickly realized that Tianna has a different persona and has her own unique modeling styles.  Tianna is very popular on her social media and constantly communicate with her fans with her updates and selfies.  Tianna has been published in various publications as well as different high profile web exposures, making her a much celebrated status in the modeling world.  Here in Vertini's short black tank top and black brief, Tianna looks fit and awesome, perfect for our photo coverage of the show, the vendor and the model!



We met Trixie Gogo before at the Autocon event in Arcadia.  We are happy that she is keeping up the modeling passion and do more promotional work!  We definitely will see her in the future, we are sure!

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