December 31, 2016

Sweet and Sultry Top Model Marie Madore @MarieMMao at the One Hit Wonder e Liquid @1HWeLiquid at @ECC_Expo

On new year's eve, here is the hottest model in the import scene, who gave a vaping hot appearance at the One Hit Wonder e Liquid Booth! / W&HM Staff
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December 30, 2016

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 37 - Anya Benton

W&HM Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 37 with Cover Model Anya Benton and More Featured Models and Car Show Pictorial Coverage!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai

2016 has been a tough year for many people.  There is one good way to make a better ending for her, by publishing our ultra glamorous models in the newest print edition, Issue 37!!

Just from the cover of the magazine, our cover model Anya Benton can immediately turn up the heat.  An accomplished mode and a SAG actor, the talented and highly intelligent high personality demonstrated her beauty, fearlessness, and natural talents.  We are totally a fan!

Together with the cover model, we also have Gabrielle, and our cover model, Ashley Twomey, as well as new faces of Nicole Anderson, and Erin Marie Garrett.  They all are as hot as the super novas in their pictorials!  We think we have surpassed Playboy's standard and created the truly artistic and edgy model features!

In the show coverage, the exciting visual feasts of 2016 LA Autoshow, SEMA cars and trucks, and Extreme Autofest, plus Nitto AED and Racewar LA!  This is a very exciting issue, and will bring you a happier ending of the disarrayed 2016!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue #37 Anya BentonWheels and Heels Magazine Issue #37 Anya Benton
W&HM Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 37 with cover model Anya Benton, and models including Gabrielle, Ashley Twomey, Nicole Anderson and Erin Marie Garrett. Car shows include 2016 SEMA Show, Extreme Autofest EAF San Diego 2016, 2016 LA Autoshow, and 2016 Race War LA

December 29, 2016

Queen of Import Model, Jeri Lee, Expertly MC'd at One Hit Wonder e-Liauid the @ECC_Expo 2016 @1HWeLiquid

The famous, the awesome, the amazing import super star, Jeri Lee, at the One Hit Wonder e-Liquid booth and got a lot of great MC mic time to gather vaping crowds! / W&HM Staff
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December 25, 2016

Vaping Hot Beckie Joon and Friend at @DrShugarChitz in @ECC_Expo

The vaping hotness of Beckie Joon and her friend is from the cartoony fun Dr. Shugar Chitz / W&HM Staff
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December 23, 2016

Sweet Cover Model Angelina Andrada for @KiloeLiquids and Cool Feature Model Hanna Ferraez for @Savage_eLiquid at @ECC_Expo @HannaFerraez

 Top import models Angelina Andrada and Hanna Ferraez showed their awesomeness modeling at the ECC Expo Santa Anita Park

from W&HM / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

December 21, 2016

Sweet Fair Maidens, Sexy Vixen, and Beautiful Blondie at @ecc_expo Santa Anita CA! @allisongreen @Lisaleemarie13

It is like a surreal dream of a scene at the ECC Expo Santa Anita with different characters in vision! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

December 13, 2016

SS Moitorsports with Byanka at LA Autoshow 2016

Cute Byanka with SS Motorsports is a wonderful remeet at LA Autoshow!  ByW&HM / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to
Byanka is such a sunny and bright girl that the moment you meet her, you instantly feel you are outside under the bright so-Cal sun, totally fun and relaxed!

December 11, 2016

Forgiato Wheels with Diana Sparks at LA Autoshow 2016

Rejoice!  Diana Sparks Resurfaced at LA Autoshow for Forgiato!  By W&HM / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to
At the first glance you may not immediately acquaint with your memory of Diana Sparks.  Then your eyes widen, and see the new hairdo of Diana's.  She is back!!  We were so happy to see her at Forgiato at LA Autoshow!  We got some really cool photos of her; she is so awesome!

December 10, 2016

Lexani had Vanessa Ferrara at LA Autoshow 2016

Lexani Wheels always brings the A-level models to the shows, here with Vanessa Ferrarar at the LA Autoshow, by W&HM / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to
This is the first time we met with Vanessa Ferrarar and we were totally impressed.  Lexani has done it again!  Their A-list models always bring huge draws to the their booth!  Definitely check out all Vanessa's photos here in full article.

December 8, 2016

Bee Barajas with Al & Ed's Autosound at LA Autoshow 2016

Bee Barajas is an awesome and talented model at Al & Ed's Autosound in LA Autoshow 2016, by W&HM / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to
Everytime we shot with Bee Barajas, it's always a good time.  She is so talented and fun and great to shoot with!  On top of that, she is such a car geek that we totally love her!

December 7, 2016

2016 Savini Winter VIP Party - Wheels of Fun and Industry Must-Have Invite! @saviniwheels

Savini Wheels knows how to make serious wheels, and this time awesome fun too!! / Anaheim, CA / Py Pai
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I was invited to the Savini Wheels Winter VIP Party.  At first I did not know the exact format of the party.  Is it a meet and greet?  or a company party with gift exchange?  Or a sit down dinner with a beautiful lobster on a plate?  When I arrived at the HQ of Savini, I was totally blown out of the water!

The majestic new Savini HQ building has transformed into a cool cars and wheels castle.  The super souped up cars lined up in front of the building and they kept coming in.  Once I entered the building, I was greeted with the iconic orange Lambo super car right in the center of the show floor.

Following the path of stylishly lit wheel displays, it's like a winter candy land through the office and warehouse of the company.   What awaited me was their back lot with cool loud music, live DJ, trucks with GRID logos and cars with Savini brands.

And it was filled with people, especially in front of the food services by the fence and inside the tents.  What were they serving?  Lobsters!! BBQ!! Delicious drinks!!  Now that's a heaven for a social event.  For one, you can just talk to any stranger and ask "how's the lobster?" and then you could instantly bond with a new friend.  It's such an easy social scene!

On top of the venue, the foods, the drinks, the laughter, and good times, there were our W&HM cover and featured models at the scene as well!  Not only they came in after a long day at various events during the day, they got to have a good time there too!  Besides the models, there were celebrities in the house as well!  It's such a happy scene!!

Through this experience, I am seeing a new trend emerging.  Instead of a big show presence, one can build an exclusive and more personable social event with their targeted key audience and client bases, in an all positive energy environment without the menial drudgery of a big show and impersonal formality.  This is such a great and leading construct that it could be the "Victoria's Secret Runway Show" in the cars and wheels industry!  We totally look forward to the next year's event already!

AL & ED's Autosound with IONA at LA Autoshow 2016

We always love shooting with IONA either as a feature or at all the events!  by W&HM / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to
It's never a dull shot of our talented IONA at the show or in a feature shoot.  This amazingly talented model showed up at the Al & Ed's Autosound at LA Autoshow 2016!

December 5, 2016

Definitely Check Out The BIG Coverage of ECC Expo 2016 Event at Santa Anita Park @ecc_expo

Smoking hot models and products captured at the ECC 2016 event by W&HM / W&HM Staff
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You Definitely want to check out big coverage of the ECC Expo 2016 Event at the Santa Anita Park!  There were so many of our gorgeous cover and feature models at the event!

December 4, 2016

Our Cover Model Sandra Wong for Turbo Max Auto Repair at LA Autoshow 2016 @thesandrawong

The awesome Sandra Wong Resurfaced at the LA Autoshow for Turbo Max Repairs, by W&HM / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to
Oh, Sandra, how we have missed you from so many shows.  It's so awesome to see our cover model again at the LA Autoshow 2016, in the Turbo Max Repair booth!  Sandra has been busy with her highly acclaimed academic pursue!  We totally cannot wait to see her succeed and complete her awesome professional career!!

December 1, 2016

Stuning annd Leggy Pirelli Models at SEMA 2016 #SEMA

Pirelli never disappoints us. This year, they brought many beautiful and leggy models to the SEMA show and we were awe-struck! / W&HM Staff
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Pirelli has been a staple of the SEMA show. After Falken moved out of the prime spot of SEMA show South Hall, Pirelli got their chance and at the SEMA 2016 they were the front and first see spot at the big hall where branding is everything.

This time, Pirelli brought our familiar Brooke Boerman together with three other girls to the show. These awesome models in the signature Pirelli uniform, were simply breath taking!

November 29, 2016

Harley Davidson Golden Girl - Christina Riordan at LA Autoshow 2016 @_ChristinaR_

It's so great to see our cover model, and newly featured FHM's Instagram girl, Christina Riordan, for Harley Davidson at LA Autoshow from W&HM / W&HM Staff
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We haven't seen our amazing cover model, Christina Riordan, for almost a half year so far.  That's why it's great to see her at the LA Autoshow.

November 28, 2016

Mishimoto Girls, Our Cover Model Angelina Andrada and Model Shelly Scholten, Totally Awesome at SEMA 2016 #SEMA @ShellyScholts

Our twice-cover model Angelina Andrada, showed up at Mishimoto at WEMA 2016 / W&HM Staff
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Mishimoto always brings a surprise element to the SEMA show.  This year, it's huge mechanical parts assemblage that is like a big medieval fighting knight. Every time we passed them (there were two versions in display) we always say "Cool!"

Together with the impressive sculpture is our cover model Angelina Andrada who has all the great softness on her.  Her sweet smile and beautiful curves and awesome personality, all are a stark but great complementary to each other with the giant robots.

November 27, 2016

Grid Wheels Dancing Girls, Our Cover Moddel Brittani Paige Together with Marie Madore at SEMA 2016 #SEMA @msbrittanipaige @mariemadore

W&HM cover model Brittani Paige was having fun dancing with Marie Madore and friend for Grid Wheels at SEMA 2016 / W&HM Staff

Ever since Brittani Paige relocated to Las Vegas any sighting of our cover model is a great event. This time at the Grid Wheels spot at SEMA.  They were filming a model video with Brittani and Marie Madore and friend.  The whole thing sure brought a lot of fun again!

November 25, 2016

Genius Tools USA Girls wth The Professionals at SEMA 2016 #SEMA @misselapasion

AT the Genius Tools USA booth, Vivian Nguyen and Ela Pasion gave us a great chance to catch up at the SEMA 2016 show / W&HM Staff

Vivian Nguyen came back again this year for Genius Tools USA after a few years' absence there.  There is a good reason for that.  Vivian is a highly professional model that can get the job done well, a true trooper and great ambassador.

Funny thing is that this is the first SEMA for Ela Pasion.  Despite the numerous almost happenings, Genius Tools made it happen!  Ela was really giddy about it and felt great to finally got that check mark done!

November 23, 2016

Stunning Blondes Our Cover Model Anya Benton with Laura Howard for Coverking at SEMA 2016 @abenton1

Our awesome cover model Anya Benton and a new fence in our coverage Laura Howard were at the Coverking in SEMA 2016 / W&HM Staff

It's always great to see Anya Benton at shows!  She is so vibrant and she is a much more talented model in the industry.  Any chance to work with her is a great opportunity to witness the greatness of a super model!

As her counterpart at the Coverking, the sweet model Laura Howard gave us beautiful smiles and mesmerized us for sure!

November 20, 2016

Beautiful Thunderbuddies Our Cover Moddel Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth for Achilles at SEMA 2016 #SEMA @arrrrlz

The gorgeous thunder buddies at SEMA show for Achilles Tires, are always so great to meet again!  We wasted no time and captured their awesomeness!! / W&HM Staff 
* Please forward any requests or questions to

 Our cover models Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth were the staple umbrella girls at SEMA show 2016!  You can count on them to show up no matter it's inside gigantic convention hall, or under the freezing weather outside!  We always have the highest respect to them!!  We definitely will have more to catch up with the time we meet them!

November 19, 2016

Our Gorgeous Cover Model Jessica Harbour Had So Much fun at Spyder Booth in SEMA 2016

Our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model Jess Harbour showed up at the Spyder Booth in SEMA 2016, it was not just a poster signing frenzy, it became a top fun spot at the show! / W&HM Staff

Who would have thought that SEMA could be so much fun?!  At the Sypder booth, Jess Harbour, our cover model, was busy all days signing her posters away for her fans and show attendees.  But at the end of one day things were just became so much light hearted and fun when a parrot showed up.  There were so much fun and photo ops right there that it was an instant top fun spot at the show!!

November 17, 2016

Top Models, Including Our Cover Model Leanna Bartlett at Spyder in SEMA 2016 #SEMA @TheBartlett

Our Wheels and Heels Magaine cover model, Leanna Bartlett looked so stunning at Spyder in SEMA 2016 show / W&HM Staff
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We have not seen Leanna Bartlett for a while.  It's not that she has left the car show promo world, it's just that she has been traveling world wide nonstop!! 

Our blonde bombshell cover model always looks stunning, with her irresistible smiles and gorgeous look and awesome figure, yet super approachable!!  That's why she was creating a storm at the Spyder booth in the SEMA show!

November 15, 2016

Gorgeous Ultimate Linings Girls, Our Cover Model Olivia Korte, at SEMA 2016 #SEMA @_oko_

Bravo!  Our gorgeous cover model Olivia Korte leading the team to a successful SEMA show 2016 at Ultimate Linings! / W&HM Staff
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At the highly competitive SEMA promotional crowd every year, one way to be the top is to have a top model working in your  booth.  With her stunning presence, magnetic personality, as well as her strong influencer followings, plus whispers in the street, all lead up to a gold mine of lead generation with or without the bottom line calculation.

Our cover model Olivia Korte has always been a totally amazing model!  She has been to many and varying events and shows.  We are so honored to have her on our cover, as well as in much of our coverage.  If you meet her in person, you would be swooned by her bright smile and super charming personality!!

November 13, 2016

The SEMA Must-SEE! MKW / RSR Wheels Brought the Super Moddels Annelise Marie, Michelle Yee, Markie McManus, and Manda Niggl #SEMAgrls

At the MKW Wheels Toxic Wheels and RSR Wheels  Booth, it's always an A-Game for the wheels and for the models, with Markie McManus, Michelle Yee, Manda Niggl, and our very cover model Annelise Marie / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

Now it's a SEMA tradition.  Every time MKW Wheels always bring the top of the line models to the show, and create a headline-worthy ensemble at the show.  In the past we have witnessed the super impressive Diamond Dozen girls who left us breathless photos.  This year, MKW / RSR and Toxic Wheels did it again, with four outstanding and awesome models.

Definitely check them out in the full article!

Annelise Marie - W&HM Cover Model

November 10, 2016

The Fantastic Four Models for Truck Hero Truck Bed at #SEMA 2016 #SEMAGirls

Truck Hero brought super heros, Elizabeth Maier, Frances Lacsmana, Jillian Knacke, and Heidi Leis, to the SEMA 2016 show and they look stunning! / W&HM Staff
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At the SEMA 2016 show, Truck Hero has hit it big with a huge show floor space, many impressive trucks and off-roads, as well as four stunning super hero costumed models!

To see all four awesome models, click here the below link:

November 4, 2016

Many More Awesome Models Discovered on Day 3 of 50th Anniversary SEMA Show!

More model gems were found left and right even at the third day of the SEMA super show, 50th Anniversary Celebration / W&HM Staff
* Please forward any requests or questions to

They seem to pop up at everywhere, at any given moment, without a slightest pre-alert...  Even at the third day of the SEMA show, we are still finding tons of awesome models at the show, including our cover models, Brittani Paige, Lyna Ly Sparks, as well as Olivia Korte and Corrisa Furr!

 It's also great to see our feature models again, including Kristal Lina, Brielle, and Hanna Ferraez.  SEMA is such a happy family getting together, annual reunion occasion!!

November 3, 2016

Big Highlight of SEMA 50th Anniversary Show Day 2

MKW Models Having Fun at SEMA 2016 / W&HM Staff
* Please forward any requests or questions to

We continue the exciting 2nd day of the grand 50th anniversary of SEMA show here in the huge Las Vegas Convention Center!!  Remember to click on the below link to see the full article!!

W&HM Cover Model Ashley Twomey and Celebrity Chip Foose
at Magnaflow in SEMA 2016

W&HM Feature Model Corrie J for VDO at SEMA 2016

W&HM Feature Model Anya Benton for CoolCovers at SEMA 2016

W&HM Feature Model Kristal Lina for Strada Wheels at SEMA 2016

Genius Tools USA model - Ela Pasion

Genius Tools Models - Vivian Ngyuen

November 1, 2016

Huge Highlight on Celebrating 50th Year of SEMA Show, Big Opening Day Coverage is Here!!

50th Anniversary SEMA Gigantic Automobile Aftermarket Show Proved to Be a Super Car for All Car Lovers and Shop Owners As Well As Model Chasers!!

Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers  - W&HM Cover Model / Py Pai
(Please forward any requests or questions to

Annelise Marie  - W&HM Cover Model

 Olivia Korte - W&HM Cover Model

Fifty years is a long time which SEMA has achieved.  It's almost half of the history of the entire automobile industry from inception to birth to flourishing to popularization to high innovation and beyond.

Leanna Bartlett - W&HM Cover Model

 Jess Harbour - W&HM Cover Model

 Ashley Twomey - W&HM Cover Model

Angelina Andrada - W&HM Cover Model

Leann P - W&HM Cover Model

This year, SEMA has geared up all the pistons and fired all engines to bring the best of the best to the near $40 billion aftermarket industry.  The four day event hosts more than 140K attendees, as well as 2400+ exhibiting companies (550 of them are the first time!), 1500+ feature vehicles, and of course, projected 100+ promotional personalities, all occupying across the full Las Vegas Convention Halls, plus outside tents, plus the Sands Expo area.  SEMA this y ear is impressive, and is a grand event!

Brielle - W&HM Feature Model

 Hanna Ferraz - W&HM Feature Model

At this 50th year SEMA show, there were many model stars and celebrities and great personalities.  This is a culmination of stars lined up, dates matched up, and numbers adds up!  Among the 100+ models at the show, we are so happy to see many of our cover models and feature models were among the top positions of the show as well as the critical roles of various vendor venues.

 Cami Lynn - W&HM Feature Model

 Anya Benton - W&HM Feature Model

Monika Cozlin - W&HM Feature Model

 Dennii  - W&HM Feature Model

 Without further adieu, click the link below to see the full glory of the models that we covered on the first day of 50th Anniversary SEMA show!!

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