Amazing Coverage of #2Crave Models, Ashley Twomey, Elizabeth Velasquez and Vanessa Thompson @ashley2me @elizabeth_velasquez @vanessthomp

Pasadena, CA, by W&HM Staff - 2Crave Wheels always bring their super cool models to shows, actually to many + many shows.  They are one of the most reliable vendors, if not _the_ most reliable vendor, who have consistent and frequent appearances at various car shows.  Their presence at any show easily tops other companies' booths in term of foot traffic, attendee interests, as well as model magnetism, which in turn created Disneyland-like lines, Hollywood-paparazzi-like flashes, and tons of exposure and extra long marketing reach.

At the 2014 Bimmerfest West, 2Crave was no exception to their tradition.  They had Ashley Twomey, Elizabeth Velasquez, and Vanessa Thompson at the booth.  They generated so much hotness that could rival the overheating weather at the Rose Bowl park, Pasadena, CA.  The line was non-stop and everybody went to the booth got their 2Crave souvenirs home.  We definitely look forward to seeing them a lot in future shows!

2Crave Wheels not only are hard working on the marketing side, their design and engineering teams constantly come up with new ideas and generate new products to fit different segment of the market.  Their super popular product line, Mach M, now with the latest M 7 model, is perfect for the luxury cars that want that distinct and high end design look.  The sleek and clean style of those rims gives an elevated feel of performance and perfectionism.

Ashley Towmey, the gorgeous golden model with sparkling blue eyes is an amazing model and business person at many aspects.  Her stunning and outstanding beauty has been showcased in many print / commercial works, easily winning the hearts of customers and the calls of casting directors.  On the other side her beauty, there is her smart business mind, that tirelessly working with her company to bring mega-bucks business into the territories that she manages at her company.  We think that Ashley represents the new generation of smart modeling that we witness.  She takes great care of her appearances, and her reputation.  She works hard at her business role, building her network and reaching her goals.  While with all of these crazy schedules, she still maintains a fun, friendly, and totally down-to-earth personality.  We definitely see a super star fast rising and could not wait to see she reaching her super stardom!

We met Elizabeth Velasquez at the Spocom booth in multiple occasions last year.  She totally impressed us and we ended up working together to create a pictorial feature for Spocom 2013. Through working with her, we experienced first hand just how super talented she is.  She has that natural sensuality in her modeling, and yet playful and fun personality emitted through her smiles.  The stunning photos that we created in a gloomy overcast day of shoot, cemented her awesomeness in our memory and wanted to work with her even more.  She has been in many modeling work, including big posters in prominent public shopping areas, Fashion event host, FHM model, Ring girl, video star model, and many many more... Elizabeth is simply extra amazing.  We see this very driven and passionate model granting her own wish of becoming a super model / celebrity / dream-maker!

Without a blink, you would think that you just saw a fashion model standing in the 2Crave booth.  Vanessa Thompson is tall, slender, stunning, eye-catching, and definitely a fashion designer's dreams and fashion photographers' love.  Since the first time we met her at the 2013 SEMA (only 6 months ago), Vanessa has been busy with her modeling work.  This awesome model has so much potentials that she could do so many different styles of work, pretty much limitless to her modeling careers.  We definitely want to see her blossom in various genres of modeling and be a supermodel one day, soon!

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