2014 #Autocon #Chaba #NoelleLyn and Confetti Rain in The Grand Finale!

Pomona, CA, by W&HM Staff - The 2014 Autocon LA stage interactions and performances were definitely a milestone highlight in the car show world.  When you have eight of the industry's very top models on stage, it's bound to have an excited crowd that were eager to get whatever swags they could from these gorgeous models.  Accompanying these Autocon Official Models were our cover model, Chaba and the lovely Noelle Lyn.  Their mesmerizing dance moves with the hypnotizing beat music, made the whole stage a dance machine that hyped the whole scene to a higher level.  At the end of the show, the big confetti rain shot by an air canon sprinkled on the whole crowd was the apex of the entire stage show.  People were dazzled by this surprise element, and sure will remember the experience for many days, weeks, or even years to come.  We highly commend the Autocon team to come up with ingenious ideas, as always!  It's a great job and very well executed.  We highly look forward to the 2015 Autocon LA already!

Chaba and Noelle Lyn were the go-go artists on stage, and they gave us lots of love, and played with the video team to see who can come up with a better "AC", Autocon, hand sign...  It was a good 2 minutes fun.

Chaba, our cover model, looks ravishing as ever!  her bright smiles, her cool dance moves, and her forever awesome personality, always bring us great joy to see her again.  At the 2014 Autocon, she's one of the two go-go artists on stage.  Not to mention how she could create tantalizing movements with the heart-throbbing electronic music, she's also very interactive with the crowd, the crew, and us!  We are very happy to see more and more of her in recent car shows and certainly look forward to more in the future.

Our cover model, Franchesca Del Carpio and Angelina Andrada, from the Diamond Dozen, are sooooo cute!

Our cover model Jessica Weaver did a wonderful job during the interview with the MC.

Franchesca never keeps a dull moment in her life!

Let there be confetti rain!!  This year's Autocon LA's genius touch is this secret weapon.  Never in our coverage of all the car shows had this set up and a total immersion experience.  When the confetti rained down on stage and on people, there was a blissful joy feel and upbeat happiness through out the atmosphere and on everybody's face.  It was a good time charmer and a great memory builder.  As we mentioned before, Autocon Team is always trying new ideas, and doing things slightly or boldly different.  They outdid themselves every year, and we surely would love to see what they will do next. Definitely it's a great job and a milestone show!

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