Very cool Franchesca Del Caprio, Maya Michelle Rew, Sandra Wong, and Izzy Poulin for VIBE Motorsports and VMR @franchescadc @officialsandrawong @mayamichellerew @izzyisup

Pasadena, CA, by W&HM Staff - 2014 Bimmerfest West was a fun event, with lots of models, top models, our featured and cover models.  one of the concentrations at the show is VIBE Motorsports, who has impressive line up of top models, as well as matching luxury cars at the space.  Franchesca Del Carpio together with Maya Michelle Rew, and other model friends, made the vendor space super busy with their presences and their give away.

At the same time, the corner lot of VMR Wheels booth, our cover model Sandra Wong and featured model Izzy Poulin for their great display of cool wheels.  Let's find out more about them!

VIBE Motorsports is a high end car services company who also sells wheels, tires and car parts.  Their experiences and expertise combined with their passion about cars and about their customers make themselves a strong name in the industry. Their mission statement includes, "We’re the type of people that can’t give anyone a gift that we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves, so allow us to recommend what we would do if we were you, if not for anything else but for your complete satisfaction."  At the 2014 Bimmerfest show, not only they brought in many cool performance cars, they also had Rohana to display their other cool performance cars as well.

For the VIBE Motorsports team, Franchesca Del Carpio made a big splash with her appearance at the booth.  The super amazing, our print edition cover model (twice), looked awesome with her cool black VIBE T and a black shorts, that accentuate her long long legs.  The bright and warm Franchesca DC always makes show attendees welcome, excited for a photo opportunity with her, or an autograph from her.

We haven't seen Maya Michelle Rew for a long time.  Maya has been busy with her other modeling career and projects, but we totally miss her a lot.  She is one of the most brilliant models that we encountered.  She is gorgeous, she is creative, and she is fearless.  The combination of such talents is not much seen in the modeling world without going overboard or fall off the cliffs.  Maya always gets just right amount of bad to make her really + really good and cool.  We do hope to see Maya coming back more to car shows!


If you are an avid reader of the magazine, you would have no problem knowing how awesome our print edition cover mode, Sandra Wong is.  This beautiful and smart model has been busy with many shows and events since her modeling debut a couple of years ago.  Right after the Bimmerfest here, she went to the Redline Time Attack the next day to be their official model.  Then the upcoming Extreme Autofest Anaheim, she is also the spokesmodel for the organization.  If there is a model brand chart, she would be off the grid and perching at the top right now.  The more important aspect is that Sandra has a kind heart and she is a very intelligent friend of ours.  Sandra has never ceased to amaze us and we look forward to be amazed more by her!

We met Izzy Poulin at last year's Formula Drift event at Irwindale, together with Sandra Wong.  Through later working with her in a shoot, we learned that she is a well known and well loved beach surfer and a commercial model of the sport genre.  We could totally see that through her calm confidence and laser sharp vision of things and surroundings.  She is such a carefree natural model that you just could not stop snapping pictures through out the shoot.  We generated some of the most casual feel lifestyle photos of her for the magazine.  We will see Izzy more in the near future, and will bring back some of awesome work with her for sure!


VMR Wheels specializes in the luxury performance European cars, which is very fittingly at the 2014 Bimmerfest West car show.  Their lines of light weight aluminum alloy wheels helped many cars to have those high end looks with an extra accent or uniqueness in them.  The beautiful streamline designs and solid engineering marvels together with their strong marketing efforts have maintained them a greatly sought after brand of products.

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