Triple Crowns at 2014 Redline Time Attack Fontana, @OfficialSandraWong @arrrrlz @Leaannep

Fontana, CA, by Py - 2014 Redline Time Attack (RTA) at Fontana is a special event for the magazine.  We have the great luck that three of our cover models are at the event.  They are the RTA official models, Arley Elizabeth and Sandra Wong, as well as the model turned racing driver Lea Anne P.  Not only they are the cover models, they are the double-cover models, which means that they have graced our cover twice already for each one.  That's equivalent to 6 covers here!  We were so happy to capture some of the cool and best moements in RTA coverage history!

Sandra Wong, our cover model, and now our magazine's contributing Directional Strategy Adviser, is the perfect combination of beauty and brain.  We had a great time shooting with her with some cool lighting setups.  The photos came out like a magazine feature already!  We also  had a great time talking with her as well.  Sandra is such a smart and think-outside-the-box thinker.  No wonder she excels at everything she does.

Triple crowns selfie moment! :-D  Arley Elizabeth and Lea Anne, together with Sandra, had such a great time. Despite the heat of Fontana wind, brutal California sun, and burning concrete / asphalt ground, there seemed to be non stop joys around the RTA event.  It's almost like a racing / pit party at the same time!

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