The Gorgeous @2Crave Top Models at the 2014 #Toyotafest Long Beach @Elizabeth_Velasquez @VanessaThom

Long Beach, CA, by Py - 2014 Toyotafest was under the beautiful So-cal sun, on the beautiful Queen Mary II Park, with some beautiful breezes.  It could not be a better place for a stroll through all the Toyota related cars, from vintage to modern to contemporary.  What could be better than that for a great Saturday day trip?  Well, 2Crave Alloy made it even better!  They were truly the star of the Toyotafest car show in 2014!  They made a splash on the vendor scene and brought in two awesome models, Elizabeth Velasquez, our feature model, as well as Vanessa Thompson the beautiful blonde!  Actually they are the only models in the whole event, making them a great crowd-magnet as well as show the brilliance of the 2Crave Marketing team!  They totally hyped up the festive vibes of the show!  Let's see more in the full article...

2Crave Alloy is always a forefront design and manufacturing of wheels and related.  They have the keen sight on customers' needs, their wants, and their likes.  Not only they produce some of the best looking and innovative designs, they also understand how to communicate to their audience and potential buyers, especially with the consistent support of promotional models and activities.  No wonder every show, they are always the star and darling of the event, drawing continuous crowd, and shining on the media coverage.  Hour hats off to the great team and great thinking!


Elizabeth Velasquez, is our awesome feature model last year for the Spocom Special Edition.  Her vivacious presence and passionate energy with people, would make anyone feel the warmth of her friendliness and hotness of her look. We totally love her and very much look forward to working with her again!



Vanessa Thompson is an a great constant in the 2Crave Alloy booth.  We met her from last year, and throughout this year in every event that 2Crave has a presence.  It's always great to see familiar faces and especially Vanessa's beautiful smiles, and gorgeous blond hair, and awesome fashion model persona.  We for sure will see her more in future events as well, and we very much look forward to!!


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