Gorgeous #JeriLee #CrystalMendez #LylaDee for @SpartaEvolution and #XenaKai at Stance @mam_lee @ilove_criystalmendez @lyladee @xenakai

Pasadena, CA, by W&HM -  The gorgeous Jeri Lee, Crystal Mendez and Lyla Dee showed up at the Sparta Booth at 2014 Bimmerfest.  Their sheer hotness would just add more degrees to the hot SoCal weather.  Individually, each model is a highly accomplished model, and the combination star power would be a total crowd attention generator.

 Crystal Mendez showed up early and was fully ready when we showed up at her booth and ready for our camera photo op.  Crystal is an amazing model, who has won the hottest Latina USA title, and is a highly sought after promotional model.  Her smiles are full of passion, and her personality is incredibly magnetic.  Under the thin veil of her professional courtesy, if you know Crystal a bit more, you would find a truly amazing person who has unlimited love for family, high level of happiness and full range of true emotions, together a strong knowledge of Chinese Martial Aats movies too!  Crystal is such a dear friend of ours, we totally love her and always seek her appearances at various shows and events!

 Not too far from Sparata booth, there was the Stance Wheels booth, who housed Xena Kai and more impressive models at the Bimmerfest show.

 Xena Kai is an evergreen model that we witness her growth throughout the car show years.  Her fame and popularity is simply staggering among the car show model fans.  She definitely worked hard for her stardom as we witnessed her countless appearances at shows and events, and more shows and more events.  She always welcome camera moments either from professional media folks or from show attendees.  We salute her for her industrious work ethics and her continuous growth of her star base and stardom!

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