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Pasadena, CA, by W&HM - Vertini Wheels at the 2014 Bimmerfest not only had their best of the products on display for the enthusiastic BMW fans at the show, postulating their next upgrades on their rims, they also brought in their three very cute models, including Tianna Gregory, Trixie Gogo and Brittany Brickner, in their awesome Vertini's little black dresses.  The three graces got everybody's attention and gathered a crowd whenever they showed up next to the company's cars or wheels.

Let's find out more about these cool ladies and the company's great products!

Brittany Brickner is a hard driven model that always looks out for great working opportunities and has that passion to extend  her career as far as it will take her.  She has won titles from a popular rock radio station beauty contest, as well as being at various top vendors in major shows.  We sure look forward to seeing her more in future car shows and high profile events!

Tianna Gregory burst into the car show scene recently, as we first witness at this year's Autocon event in Pomona, CA.  Her quiet modeling persona gives her a mysterious aura around her, and times with a glimpses of smiles like sunrays through thick clouds.  By the way she is going, it seems that the car world is embracing her very well and we will see a lot more of her in the future too.  Cool!

Trixie Gogo has been with Vertini Wheels since the first time we saw her at the Autocon Arcadia last year.  She maintains the same as we first saw her, and continues to develop her modeling career.  We wish her best of luck and will see her again at Vertini in the next big show, we are sure!

Vertini Wheels specializes in building unique and quality products for performance and luxury cars.  Their three product line series, Concave, Racing, and Luxury indicate their focused directions of their product development to cater to the selective owner markets.

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