Huge Coverage of Bimmerfest 2015 - #Bimmerfest Model And Car Highlights @bimmerfest

Bigger, Better, and More Beautiful Bimmerfest 2015 with Many W&HM Cover Models and Top Promo Girls as well as Super Cool Cars and Awesome Wheel Designs

 Fontana, CA / by Py Pai
Bimmerfest car show has a very successful event this year!  The amount of available parking space is much more, show venue is more open, vendors showing more cool bimmers and products, and there the number of our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover and feature models is substantially higher, and so many amazing promotional personality too.  Bimmrfest has become a high passion community that spans far and wide.  We were the lucky few thousands that could personally attend the event, and bring you some of the very best photos here.

 First came the clouds, then the drizzles, and then heavy overcast...  That's what we encountered when we drove to the bimmerfest new location in Fontana in the morning.  The overcast sky shielded the sun from the big basin of San Bernardino county, where Autoclub Speedway is situated in.  It was not windy, but the highest temperature of 66F degrees was super cold for most of us, so-Cal regular sun-soaked people...

The way to the show spot was not totally an easy one, but much better than the last few years struggling with the heavily dense residential venue of Rose Bowl Stadium.  The line waiting to get into the parking lot reported has been longer than one hour, and our experience was about 30 min, which is not bad, given the great show this is.

Once in the parking lot, you would immediately notice the sheer number of all kinds of BMW gathered there.  One would totally immersed in the Bimmer culture right there and right then.  Once we were in the car show, we were super charged in an instant!  The loud pounding music, raffles announced over the loudspeaker, the sight of rows of vendors and most of all the large crowd showed up at the bimmerfest, all just proved to us that this is a great show that will last forever!  Sure, this is a bit different than the grassy field of a stadium park; nonetheless, it's a familiar territory and we are very well situated here.
One thing about the bimmerfest is the line up of promotional models among the vendor booths is totally stunning.  Here we have seen eight of our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover models here, from the Franchesca Del Carpio, to Sandra Wong, Arley Elizabeth, Jessica Weaver, Angelina Andrada, Ashley Twomey, Elizabeth Velasquez, Brittani Paige, as well as our feature model, Monika Cozlin, Lisa Lee Marie and Brittany Brickner.  This is stunning!!  There are so many super models and top models in the industry whom we brought to you via our gorgeous features; it shows the high quality of the promotional activities here.

On the wheels side, if you are a BMW lover, you will be in heaven, figuratively.  There are so many models, years, and geo-locations of the cars that it's like a living bimmer museum.  Cars from the really really old days, and then cars from far away states, as well as the highly customized that some times you would be scratching your head saying... wow!  Even if you are not a BMW owner, ex-owner, lover, fan, you would still enjoy the beautiful lines and curves these fine machines can show.  Occasionally, men's adrenaline and testosterone would spike when one of the cars started to purr and then to rev, like real extreme engine revving...  You would see an flash crowd showed up around the car, and only to encourage the owner to kick up the needle on the tachometer...

Through out the show, the MC has done a great job keeping the crowd interested in the background, announcing the raffle winners, relaying the history of the bimmerfest, and giving out the trophies and prizes to many cool categories, besides the conventional ones, like female BMW owner, highest mileage, and many others.  This really shows the organizers are truly dedicated enthusiasts of this great culture and community!

Definitely see the complete article of these amazing models and some snap captures of the hot wheels and cars.  There will be more individual coverage coming as well!

Quick Snaps of Toyo Tires Model Sydney Maler at Autocon 2015 by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @sydneyamaler

 Vibrant and Fun Sydney Maler as Toyo Tires Model at Autocon 2015 

Pomona, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum / Text by W&HM Staff
Toyo Tires has a brand new line up of their Toyo Tires models for various car and motorsports show.  Here at Autocon 2015, Sydney Maler, a gorgeous and playful blonde model, represented this cool tire brand and gave our sage photographer Clinton Lum a quick and beautiful snapshots.

An Awesome Bae, Kay Bae, for DTM Autobody at Autocon 2015 by Clinton Lum @mskaybae @calibre68

 Kay Bae Looking Smashing Awesome at Autocon 2015 for DTM Autobody

Pomona, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum / Text by W&HM Staff
The first time we saw Kay Bae was at 2010 Redlinetime Attack event and we were totally impressed by her natural expressive on-camera-persona.  We love her for the amazing looks that she could project!  This time at the Autocon 2015, DTM Autobody booth, Kay Bae has become a major force in the car show modeling world!

#TBT 10 Stunning Leggy Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models and Promo Models

10 Legs-For-Days Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models and Car Show Promo Models in 2014 (Part 1)

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff
One attribute that a model can stand out from the rest of the crowd, both figuratively and literally, is to have a pair of beautiful and shapely legs.  They support a Greek sculpture like body proportion, conjure imagination and sensations, and are a articulated paintbrush from a modeling toolbox.

We here at Wheels and Heels Magazine, always celebrate great models with amazing legs both from our covers and features as well as from our show coverage.  If you are a fashion models, we love to hear from you. If you are a promo model, show us your awesome leggy quality.  If you are an alternative model, don't be afraid to demonstrate your arts on your legs
 to us!
We will bring you more #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT with different aspects of gorgeousness.  Today, we bring back the leggy beauties to start off a beautiful series!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Leanna Bartlett for Toyo Tires at 2014 SEMA Show Las Vegas 

Wonderful Cover Models Franchesca DC and Angelina Andrada, Autocon Official Models 2015 by Clinton Lum @calibre68

 Official 2015 Autocon Models, Franchesca DC and Angelina Andrada, our cover models Looking Amazing!

Pomona, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff
We are super delighted to have our two awesome Wheels and Heels Magazine cover models, Angelina Andrada and Franchesca DC as the Autocon 2015 official models!  These two amazing ladies are simply beyond beauty and great personality; they have the other side of their brains working on the business and management!  Thanks to our sage contributor, Clinton Lum, he brought us back these lovely photos of these lovely cover models!
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