Loves From Hawaii, HIN Honolulu Models by Clinton Lum @calibre68 /  Honolulu, HI / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff - Our sage photographer, Clinton Lum, has traveled to the paradise and brought back the tantalizing coverage of the models from the HIN Honolulu car show!  We are so happy to see Crystal Mendez, the long time highly admired model, again in the HIN circle in Honolulu!  Together with Nelly Chavez, and Monique May, forming the three graces for our sage camera.

At the HIN Honolulu show, there were many unfamiliar but very much welcomed faces, as well as well-known awesome friends there.  Definitely check them out in the full article here!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue #24 - Cover Model Pamela Jean Noble

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 24 - Pamela Jean Noble
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 24 with cover model Pamela Jean Noble, and featuring Erica Joleen, Alexa Mateos, and Barbara Desiree from Cleveland OH. Also includes car show big coverage of 2014 SEMA, 2014 LA Auto Show and 2014 DUB Anaheim, all the gorgeous models and great cars here. The…

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai - I am very excited about our latest issue #24.  It signifies that it's been a great two years and we are running stronger than ever, which brings you better and even higher quality magazines to you for your enjoyment!

This issue we have the amazing Miss West Coast Hooters crowning winner, Pamela Jean Noble as our cover model.  If you ever worked with Pamela, you would know that she is a super professional and very driven model.  We are very happy to bring her to you through our feature editorial!

Also there are two (or maybe three!) models that are first time print magazine featured.  We have the honor to have these naturally gifted Erica Joleen and Alexa Mateos as their debut print features!  They totally deserve the spotlight and you will see in our feature that they not only shine in the editorials, they are also on the trajectory to become their own stardom goals.  We love supporting uber talented people!

Then we have an awesome model from Cleveland, OH!  Barbara Desiree has frequented the import scene on the east coast, and we have the chance to feature her, thanks to the cool photographer, J. Scott, also Cleveland based.  You will love the feature that they produced!

On the coverage side, we have 2014 SEMA, as well as 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show and DUB Anaheim.  The three important shows that cover three different aspects of car shows and promotions.

Definitely don't miss it!  Check it out by clicking the above button, or the below link:

And borrowing this opportunity, we want to wish you a very happy holiday and a wonderful new year!  Thank you for coming in to visit the web site, like our pictures on Instagram and facebook, and buying the print copies.  They all mean a lot to us, because we could not help but to check those notifications all the time... :-)  Thank you and Happy Holidays!

New Faces at Kuya Model Expo, Jessica Vien, Jessica Wong / La Habra, CA / W&HM Staff - At the Kuya Model Expo model lounge area, it was a perfect depiction of the new era of import modeling.  Gone are the days where models were in ultra provocative swimsuits, or showcasing their best T&A's or re-enacting nose-bleeding performances.  They gave the label "import model" a very specific stigma, being good or bad, depending if you are in or outside the circle.

However, things changed over time, themes become more sophisticated, personality matters, and cross-overs are more frequent, and the number of followers is the creds.  More and more, various disciplines of models joined the force, they brought in fresh talents, more aesthetically driven, and more focused on their social media kingdoms.  It's more a fashion parade than the gone-day "import model" meet.

Back to the Kuya Model Expo, we met up many great familiar models as well as new faces.  We definitely have not met Jessica Vien (above) and Jessica Wong, before, but they were so comfortable and relaxed and fun and popular just like they have been in the scene for a good time already.  They were refreshing, eager to photo ops, and lots of fun!  From this big bang moment of their import modeling, with an extended trajectory projection, we can see they will become greatly popular in the future!

Beautiful Wenlin Yeh and Models at 2014 HIN Los Angeles

Wenlin and Other Stunning Models at 2014 HIN Los Angeles

 San Pedro, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 HIN Los Angeles car show, we encountered quite a few stunning true "Wheels and Heels" photo opportunities that really heated up the scene.  It totally reminded us about the Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift, garage scene, just in the American version, at the outdoor, and different types of models and attires.  Obviously this is much more "California" style than the cute Japanese school girl uniforms or J-Pop blings.

We saw Wenlin Yeh, the very beautiful model at the show.  She was right by a super cool bike, which made her looked even more sporty amazing!  Then there were models that we did not recognize but equally hot and awesome!  Definitely check out the full article to find more stunning photos of them!

Hot Hotties at the 2014 #DUB Anaheim Bail HotLine Booth #JessicaMolina

Jessica Molina model in white tanktop looking gorgeous for Bail HotLine in DUB Anaheim 2014
Jessica Molina model in white tanktop looking gorgeous for Bail HotLine in DUB Anaheim 2014

Jessica Molina and Hot Fellow Models at Bail HotLine in 2014 DUB Anaheim

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Back in the hot September this year, DUB Anaheim had a great turn out both in terms of attendees and models!  At the Bail HotlLine Bail Bonds booth, it was a highly attractive booth, because the models that they hired were totally stunning!

Jessica Molina (above) and McKensie as well as their fellow hot models, stood friendly at the booth.  Many people passing by just could not tear themselves away from the attraction gravity these models generated.  Indeed, their presence was that powerful!  Great job girls, and great job the company!
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