SEMA Models 2014 Vossen's Kristy Lei-Juan, Spec-D Tuning Girls and Morning Star!

Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff
We found our cover model Kristy Lei-Juan, for Vossen, at the very last day of the last hour that we worked there and we were so happy to see her again. Despite a sequence of equipment failure during the day, after so many days of abusing we were sure, we made the best of what we had and Kristy never fails us either.  At the end, we still go many great shots of her and be able to catch up with her to learn that she is doing great and very busy at where she is at right now.  We are very happy for her and look forward to working with her in the future again!

At a totally different convention hall, we also met up the Spec-D Tuning girls.  Spec-D Tuning booth at SEMA is a always crowded spot, because they always bring out the top models for their promotional posters and presence.  In the article you will find that they are simply awe-striking and awesome!

Then traveling farther north and back in time too, we met up Morning Star, who is always so sunny and bright and professional, and picture perfect!!  Definitely check out the full article to see!

SEMA Models Make Sailun Tires Look Smoking... Hot!! @KrystleLina @MissIndianModel @MayaMichelleRew

Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff 
At the 2014 SEMA show, there was no shortage of gorgeous models and awesome promotional.  However, to meet many of them in person and have Kodak moments is a total reward to us!

At the Sailun Tires booth, there were soooo many awesome and gorgeous models that we witnessed the vast hiring power of the tires companies.  With Krystle Lina, Skye McDonald, Maya Michelle Rew, Nikki Howard, as well as Emily Palos and Kelsey Norris plus Tania Mehra, and more, this is simply a daily must-stop spot at the gigantic SEMA show.

Check out the full article!  These are some of the captures at the booth with tons of pictures to show in this article!

Krystle Lina

Our beloved feature model is one of the amazing models that we's shot with, one of the most amazing make up artist and stylist that we worked with, and one of the most talented photographers that we know, all with a super awesome personality that we have high respect!  Definitely check out the print issue that we will be featuring her!  It will be simply breath taking!!

iFit Full Fitness Lifestyle Concept and More Innovations at CES 2015

 Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff
This concludes the coverage of the models and some of the new products at the CES 2015.  More product coverage continues at our Wheels section (here).  Definitely check it out in the future too!

Fitness is the new black in the innovation arena.  Last year, they were tugged across various show spots in the convention center.  Now they have their own (huge) floor space at the second main convention center, Sands Expo.  The vast arrays of vendors and energized attendees packed the show floor, creating micro-local traffic jams.

Pumped by the wearable wave, wellness-awareness movements, and simply the new fusion of various technologies, fitness segment of the industry has flourished to be a mega + mega business.  T'his is very well demonstrated at the iFit booth.

Leading the fitness exhibit main event is the iFit company. They had a raised platform showcasing their fitness technologies all integrated together, by various fitness actresses and actors.  They demo'd a concept of fitness as a full lifestyle cycle, not just treadmills or cycling machines.  As it is illustrated here...
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