Stunning Constance Nunes and Jeri Lee for Savini Wheels at SEMA 2014!

Cover Model Constance Nunes and Awesome Talent Jeri Lee Generated Huge Crowds and TV Lights at Savini Wheels in SEMA 2014

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
As the tag line of Savini Wheels, "the recognized Gold Standard in luxury wheels", it totally reflects on their model representation at the SEMA shows.  In 2014 SEMA, they had the super amazing fashion model Constance Nunes as their front model.  In her classy and stunning little black dress, the elegance and sexiness is unavoidable to anyone who had a sight on the booth.  Many people stopped by to have a chance to see this gorgeous talent in person and have a selfie by any chance.

Not only Constance had a great crowd gathered around the booth, she also easily got the attention of some TV crews present at the show.  In no time, the video light was set up, the interviewer was at the spot and camera was in the position.  When the camera rolled, Constance is such a cheerful and animated personality that we can tell that it was a immensely fun interview at work!  She knows cars, like really really knows cars.  So that's a great entry point to the video segment.  She also posed and woes the camera like a Sports Illustrated model in video.  In fact, she IS a Sports Illustrated model!!  We are sure that the video will be a mega hit on the internet!

We also met up Jeri Lee at Savini Wheels as well!  The iconic and awesome import model legend was in a beautiful little white dress.  It's always great to see Jeri Lee, as she has so much life experience and long career and business resumes.  Jeri has been busy traveling around the world, meeting different people, and forging business deals.  No matter where she goes, she always gathers great crowds and much loves!  We are happy that she is back in the states these days.  We totally hope to see her more this year in various events!

Once again, Savini did it again!  They had the industry's top talents and the results are simply super rewarding!  We saw the constant flow of traffic, checking out the cool cars, and colorful wheels on display.  Most importantly, people went home with great pictures of the lasting brand impression to bring home with!

The Long Coverage Saga Continues at SEMA 2014!!

Jessica Pasqualetto, Alexia McKimmey,
Kristina Petrova, Shayna Marie,
Natasha Kukovinets, Jacky G,  at booth in SEMA 2014

SEMA Never Ceases to Amaze Us!

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
We have covered a lot of SEMA models, in many different ways, including our cover and feature models, models in individual vendor booths, models wearing specific colors, models that we know for a long time but haven't seen them for a long time, and the variations just kept going and going and going...

However, it still gives us great pleasure when we continue to cover these amazing models in the top event of the industry.  SEMA is epic and so are the promotional talents at the show!  That's for sure!  In this article, we catch up with the models that we've never met before or met once before and we are very happy to see them again!  Besides there great talents and stunning appearances, there are also different styles of wardrobes that they have adopted.  In the HornBlasters booth, the train engineer look definitely stood out in the crowd, and not to mention that it was a crowed even just the models, and of course the attendees there too!
 Then at the Gibson booth, the slick yellow on black car combination was a perfect match to the blonde and brunette duo team there.  Coincidence?  We don't think so.  This Kodak color theme is a wonderful, sophisticated and totally photogenic genius presentation of the booth.  We highly appreciate the design princicples went into the booth and display here!  Great job the booth designers!!

 Then we kept going and met many more models and talents showed up along the path.  Sometimes we felt that we are like pacman, following the dots and keeping finding the goodies.  As in here, this is refreshing to know that the Turner Girls were at the SEMA show.  The unmistakably eye-catching color theme stopped us on the track and we had to perform our duty to capture these beautiful models in their ultra bright uniforms and their car.  Turner Girls are building their empire with gorgeous and very American look models.  They are totally the attention grabber in a very good way, and always help promoting the #turnergirls brand.  We definitely see a successful team brand that could rival some of other well known names in the industry!  We totally look forward to seeing them again in future motorsports and car show events!

SEMA Models in Blue, Stunningly and Happily

Having a Little Happy Blues to SEMA 2014

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff 
Continue the SEMA Model coverage, in SEMA 2014, we have more models and right next to the pure black, blue seems to be a popular color.  The blues could be bright and cheery, or dark like majestic and royal.  Either way, they all are great color palettes in our coverage!

And again, most of the models are in the South Hall Wheels and Tires section but definitely they were not limited there.  We have Konig Wheels, Nismo, Vertini, Ercolina and Turn 14 Distribution here in coverage.

Many of the talents are unfamiliar faces, or semi-familiar, or very familiar, which made the coverage much more exciting.  It's like going to a professional meeting with friends, and opportunities to rekindle connections and get to know new people.  Definitely they all made a great impression on us!

As we are coming to the close of the SEMA Model coverage, we still have a few more to show.  Definitely stay tuned and also watch out for this year's SEMA big show in 2015 too!  It's always our biggest, baddest, and grandest coverage of all shows in our magazine!!

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