2014 Bimmerfest West at Rose Bowl Pasadena - Big Coverage Highlight of Tons of Great Models

Pasadena, CA, by Py - This year, The 2014 Bimmerfest West at the beautiful Rose Bowl in Pasadena, is another great success!  Last year, it was a record breaking turn-out and generated a lot of buzzes.  This year, it seems that they have done an even great job!  The overheated southern California weather did not seem to deter the fans' passion for attending the all-thing-BMW event to see all sorts of cool upgrades and mods that other people have done.  We witnessed a huge amount of vendor presence, and never ending lines of BMW cars snaking through the narrow roads to Rose Bowl.  It was a extremely fun and great event!  

With so many vendors, we were happy to find more models at the show, especially top models, and even more so our cover models at various booths and spaces.  Despite the near 100F degrees of heat, they gave us awesome smiles, beautiful poses, and cool photos!  Here we saw Franchesca Del Carpio (above) for Vibe Motorsports, and Sandra Wong (below) for VMR Wheels.  They simply looked amazing and refreshing even though we were all coping with the temperature.  

Jessica Weaver (above) gave us lots of awesome shots, totally did a great job at the Rohana Wheels booth.  She's always so wonderful to shoot with!  We were very happy to see Arley Elizabeth for the ModBargains / ModAutos booth.  She was super busy signing her posters non-stop to her fans and show attendees.  She even did a signing on a guy's cell phone case. Now that's a really cool idea!!

Over to the 2Crave Wheels booth, where you can always find amazing models standing by with their promotional work and products.  Ashley Twomey (above) looked smashing with her ultra cool style and her look!  Elizabeth Velasquez (below) gave us a bright and happy smile that would totally melt our heart!  She is simply gorgeous!  Vaness Thompson (below, below) is a wonderful fashion model who makes any car + model shoot a wonderful fashion photo shoot experience!  Awesome!

The trio of Nitto Tires, from left to right Gina Darling, Natalie Paladin, and Eva Skye.  They are always so sweet and always so photogenic together!  Then we met up with the R1-Concepts Main models, Amber Alvarez (below) and Brittani Paige (below, below right), as well as their three angels.  The effects of these great models were immense!  The traffic to the booth has been jam-packed through out the rush hours.  
We were so happy to Crystal Mendez (above) again!!  She is such a beautiful and loving person, friend, and top model!  We took her out of surprise from the grassy field that she stayed on, so the grass was still fresh all over her dress.  Great job!!  The awesome Jeri Lee and their friend joined in to make Sparta booth a very happy and fun booth!
Yay!  Izzy was there at the VMR Wheels!  We recently worked with this very athletic surfer model.  It's great to see her again with Sandra Wong.  Then Leanna Bartlett showed up with her ravishing blond look for the Toyo Tires.  Her signing posters despite the sun generated a huge line for her fans and Toyo fans and people in general for a brief moment to meet with this gorgeous top model!
Maya Michelle Rew, at the VIBE Motorsports!!  We haven't seen her in ages!!  She has put her focus on more other work, and that's why we missed her so much!  We still remember the great time that we captured at the SEMA shows in the past years.  She is definitely one of the most awesome models that we encountered!  At the ACE booth, Ling Ferror was holding the tent, bringing in traffic, and still found time to give us great smiles!
At the Mode Carbon booth, we dicovered three great ladies, and they all came from different places!!  Dani Padron (above) came from Miami over the weekend just for the Bimmerfest.  We've never met her before, and were totally impressed by her refreshing beauty!  Lynsi London, from OC locally, joined the model (above, above, right) from New York, form the triangle of cool places in the US!

Rohana Wheels this time has hired four top guns in the car modeling world.  From left to right: Noemii J, Serena Su, Jessica Weaver, and Jessica Andres!  Individually, each one of them is so well known with so much talent that can hold the entire tent for the vendor.  Now four times the power simply supercharged the Rohana booth presence, and brought in tons of exposure and marketing benefits!
Vertini has super popular Brittany Brickner, Tianna Gregory as well as Trixie Gogo at the booth.  Brittany is a super promotional model, because she is gorgeous, she is active, she is engaging, and she is sooo friendly to people!  It's always great to see Brittany and see her in action too!

Chantel Zales (right) for Concept One Wheels!

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