Incredibly Large Collection of #Rohanawheels Models, at 2014 Bimmerfest, @jessicakes33 @serenasuu

Pasadena, CA, by W&HM Staff - When you pass the entrance of the 2014 Bimmerfest West, at the beautiful Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, you would first encounter the Rohana Wheels booth among all vendors.  Rohana always brings their A game to shows.  Last year, they had Holly Lee at the booth and attracted a lot of foot traffic to the booth. This time, Rohana did it at four folds.  They had four awesome models at their booth accompanying their sleek designs wheels and booth presence.  They definitely made a very strong impression on us, and set the tone of the event into a festive and active atmosphere for the rest of the car show.  After a long coverage of the day's event, we can conclude that Rohana had the greatest promotional model presence at the show, making them the best booth of promotional models at the 2014 Bimmerfest!

Rohana had hired our cover model, Jessica Weaver (above), as well as other amazing models including Serena Su (below), Noemii J (next article) and Jessica Endres (next article).  We did such a large coverage of them that we have to split the coverage into two so to ease your download time of the article.

Rohana Wheels is a Chicago-based custom aftermarket wheel company that offers unique designs of concave wheels for various luxury cars, including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Infiniti and more.  The stylish designs of their wheels on display at the booth and on their show cars demonstrated their aims at the high performance and luxury market.  Rohana's distinct designs retain a minimalistic approach but a strong aesthetic signature feel that elevates the cars that they are fitted to and create a 2nd-look commanding presence.

Jessica Weaver, our print edition cover model, was definitely a big star at the Bimmerfest.  Her gorgeous look and amicable personality made the show attendees naturally gravitate toward her to find out more about her, and the Rohana Wheels that she represented for.  She is always a great eye of the attention and darling of the media cameras.  That's great promotional talents that not many models can achieve.

Recently Jessica has turned full time modeling, which we think it's a great move and long over due.  She's been busy with her modeling jobs early in the stage already.  Now her presence is even higher in demand and that's a great thing we must say!  We look forward to seeing more of her in the future!


Serena Su is a fast rising star.  She has great affinity with people, and always maintains her best physique.  Serena is passionate about her job and it shows.  During our last glimpse of the show in Bimmerfest, all the models were already resting on the chair, and could not take more photos.  Nevertheless, when we raised our camera, she jumped up and get herself ready and gave us many awesome photos!  That's what we call professionalism!

We first met her at the Wekfest last year for Dayuum.  She already demonstrated her genius modeling talents.  Ever since, she has been in many different shows, from SEMA to 86Fest to Kuya Model Expo and others.  Serena is now conquering the promotional modeling scene and we welcome her with great enthusiasm!

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