2014 #Autocon LA @_LLORII #LoriLin and Tiffany

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Autocon LA, we encountered two very awesome models, in the outdoor concourse area.  One is Dayuum's Lori Lin and one is M1 Autobody Tiffany.  Definitely ycheck them out in the full article!

Lori Lin caught our eyes during the R1-Concepts Open House event last year with the HIN model appearances.  She is a very photogenic model and very beautiful in person.  We wondered how we missed her in the last several shows.  She told us that she has been busy with her school and put her attention to the academic work first.  We highly commend her priority choice and we are very happy now to see her again.  Lori has that soft spoken personality and very amicable to people, so everybody just loves to take picture of her and hang around her for no specific purpose.  It's just feels good to be around her.  We also want to thank Dayuum to bring Lori to the show, and she definitely is one of the awesome models at the 2014 Autocon show.  Dayuum always bring some of the best new talents to shows.  Bravo!!


Tiffany is a fashion model, print model, and occasional promotional model.  She has that alabaster purity in her, and always give her wonderful poses and looks to cameras.  We worked with Tiffany in several fashion runway shows in the past, and we were always impressed by the extent of her modeling and the artistry in her talents.  She can make odd costumes to look cool, and extreme wardrobe to look natural.  That's what we call great modeling!  we definitely look forward to seeing her in future evens, be it a car show or fashion show, or any shows!


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