Many Star Studded Top Models at 2014 Bimmerfest! @leannabartlett @arrrrlz @evaskye @nataliekpaladin @

Pasadena, CA, by W&HM Staff - We did not get the exact turn out for this year's Bimmerfest West at Rose Bowl Pasadena.  We do know that there were a lot of top models at the show, way more than any years that we have covered so far.  This is music to our ears, as we highly appreciate these truly professional models and their dedication to bring the best to us!

Through out this article, you will meet Leanna Bartlett, the gorgeous blonde, for Toyo Tires, as well as our cover model, Arley Elizabeth, for ModBargains, plus the three graces, Eva Skye, Natalie Paladin, and Gina Darling for Nitto Tires.  It's a crowded house, but we were very happy to be there!

At the Toyo booth, Leanna Bartlett was the top billing model at the show.  Her unmistakably lush blond hair with her super model appearance, makes her one of the best models that we have seen in many many shows.  Of course, it's not just us.  One time, we were just by her side taking photos of the cars and Toyo tires, we heard a fan of hers walked up to her at the autograph table, and just blurred out to her "You are so beautiful." with starry eyes and full admiration gaze.  She must have been showered wtih such compliments through out her modeling life.

Leanna is also a Rockstar girl, in company of our awesome cover model Olivia Korte, and our feature model Caitlin O'Connor, all the gorgeous top models.  We first met her at last year's E3 show, together with our cover model, Phoenix Stanna.  If we can tell a person by the company she keeps, Leanna is definitely a super star already!

Arley Elizabeth, the super smart and bright and happy and beautiful cover model friend that we know.  Arley has been really busy with multiple modeling works, from commercial to boxing promotions, now to car shows, and she is the Redline Time Attack official model too.  Arley is a jet setter.  You never know where she will be at any given time.  It could be in Asia, in North America, or in..., or hmmm, the world is only this big...   She probably will finish all places in a very short time.

Arley is definitely a fun and friendly person.  She is smart and always comes up with great ideas. At the end of Arley's photo series here, you will find a picture of her signing a guy's cell phone's back plate and taking a picture of it.  Who would have been so lucky to have a top model signing his cell phone.  That's brilliant!

This is the one!

Mod Bargains is a great reseller of wheels, tires, parts and many accessories.  Instead of just having a web presence, and taking orders only, they actually have a huge inventory of the products that they sell.  Therefore, they can ensure the quality and delivery and customer support of their sales.  That's awesome!

At the Nitto Tires booth, we saw Natalie Paladin (above) and Eva Skye (below) as well as Gina Darling.  The three graces at the booth were busy giving aways their swags and posing for non-stop photo op requests.  We caught them right before the big crowd came in and grabbed everything that they were handing out.  That's great promotional work for sure!

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