Photo / Name Removal Policy and Fees

W&HM - Photo / Name Removal Policy and Fees

To request a removal of photo / name from our posted articles, social media or other on-line outlets, please follow the below guidelines: 

  1. Please email us at, with subject line "Photo / name removal request".
  2. Inside the message, provide the URL(s) to the articles/posts that have your photo / name. 
  3. Provide a proof of your ID, or a specific piece of information that you only shared with us to identify yourself. This is necessary as there have been fake-request or phishing incidents. 

Once we receive your request email, we will review the validity of the request. If our editorial team agrees to act on it, we will notify you of our planned action. 

Since the removal process involves extra work on our team, we would need to charge a fee for the removal. The fee schedule is: 

Fees for Photos/Name Removal** for One Individual*

* One individual means one published person or one published brand
** Cumulatively counted per individual regardless of how many requests made

  • 1 - 3 Posts (web or IG or other channels) = Free of charge
  • 4 - 10 Posts = $5 / post
  • 11 or more Posts = please contact us for large quantity processing 

The payment method is via Paypal to 

If you have any questions, please contact us via an email to

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