#LimitlessSociety, @AmyAmesModel, @LilySangg and @EllieRoxx24 at 2014 #Autocon LA

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Autocon Los Angeles, Limitless Society has brought in their full model force to the show.  They had the staple model, Amy Ames, together with the Ellie Roxx and the recently recruited Lily Sangg.  We have many more photos in the full article!


Amy Ames has been always been very supportive to the Limitless Society.  She has that personal draw to the crowd that definitely brings a lot of attention to their booth.  Many times that we covered her during past events, she demonstrated her fun and playful side, which made very memorable Kodak moments.  You can check out all the past coverage of her by this link (tag: Amy Ames).


Ellie Roxx has been busy with a lot of things; therefore we haven't seen her for a while.  However, she is always cool to shoot with and so refreshing to capture.  We caught up with Ellie during the show, and learned that she has many projects going on at the same time, so she hasn't spent too much time at car shows.  It's a happy welcome back to her at the 2014 Autocon and we certainly look forward to seeing her again soon!


Lily Sangg burst into the scene late last year on our radar screen.  Lily has a natural happy mode that she switches on all the time.  Many times we only see that she is smiling to people, to camera, and to her friends.  Her bright personality definitely brought a lot of sunshine to the show and it's great to see this awesome model flourish in the car show scene.  We are sure that she will doing great in the promotional modeling world, as she is a natural-born brand ambassador for any brand that she represents.

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