Part 2 of The Incredibly Large Collection of #Rohanawheels Models, at 2014 Bimmerfest, @noemii_j @jessicaendres

Pasadena, CA, by W&HM Staff - (This is the part 2 of the incredible collection of the coverage of Rohana booth at the 2014 Bimmerfest West.)

As shown in the part 1, Rohana Wheels has brought in the full promotional model force at the show.  Here we have Noemii J and Jessica Endres, who are great models in their own individual ways.  Despite the differences, both create great magnet power to the show attendees, and ultimately excelled at the booth's promotional duties.

This year seems to be the biggest Bimmerfest that we've seen since our coverage several years back.  The genius of Rohana marketing team took this great opportunity and run with a top line up of great promotional models, making sure that most show goers, if not all of them, know Rohana by their display, their brand identify and thematic color, and drive them to their website to learn more about the company and offerings.  We applaud the great job Rohana has done, as we look forward to seeing them again in the near future, and definitely again at the SEMA show.

Noemii J is a very cool model.  As a Gemini, she has that independent mind which reserves to go after her own dreams.  Her bright eyes can speak thousands of language and her smile can be sultry and sensual and playful all at the same time.  Noemii is the crowning winner of 2013 Spocom Bikini Contest, and then went on to appear on the cover of SueprStreet magazine.  Noemii has been super busy and that is good, because we get to see her more and more.  Rohana did an excellent job in bringing in her to the Bimmerfest show.  She definitely added a great booth appeal to all the show attendees who just came in from the entrance gate.  What a great first impressions that they were having!


Jessica Endres on the other hand, has appeared in many fashion media and look books.  If you ever visited Jessica's web site (ext link), you would know that she is not the typical model that you meet at any car shows.  Her breathtaking portfolio is the envy of many models' and photographers'.  It has the diversity and depth of any fashion supermodel's experiences and works.  Standing tall at 5'9", she is every fashion designer's dream.  Here at the Bimmerfest Rohana's booth, Jessica is definitely a eye-catching star at the show.  What a wonderful delight it is to see her again and she was doing such a great job. We simply love her and her awesome modeling!


A group shot of the four graces at the Rohana booth.  Each represents the utmost promotional talents that they have.  They definitely did a great job in getting people's attentions, bringing in great foot traffic, well executed the brand's ambassadorships, as well as imprinting everybody's camera and mind with Rohana's logo and products that they stood by.  We say, great job ladies!!  We highly anticipate the next time we see the Rohana's booth and hopefully these amazing models again!

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