Beauitful Serenity Shay and TCL Models Plus Star Wars Themes in CES 2016

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Star Wars anywhere, everywhere!  2015 was definitely a Star Wars year and it reflected in the CES show 2016 as well.

Then on the screen side, we have the gorgeous Serenity Shay (middle black dress) together with her two fellow TCL models that they were highly show-stopping at the TCL big show space.

This year's CES has been a great time and great show with many impressive record breaking news.  We totally look forward to the next  year's CES already!

Dennii and Jenny Ladner and More Models in 2016 CES!

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We are so happy to see the hard working feature model Dennii at CES 2016  She is so busy at work that we see her in all the major shows.  If anyone can be called a high professional, Dennii would be the one!

In 2016, Dennii will be busy touring the country going to various events, especially Formula Drift!  She talked in length how excited to be in the Georgia Round of the Formula Drift, as she really likes the tracks and vibes in that particular venue.  Dennii is definitely a great model, and an drifting enthusiast!  Totally awesome and many kudos to Dennii!!

Three Cute Supersonic Models in CES 2016

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At the Supersonic booth, which had a lot of lifestyle accessories are on display, also had three cute and sweet models to help them literally stopping the traffic and getting leads.

At the first day, they were gathering a crowd in front of the booth with all the sign ups going on.  This is definitely the envy of the many vendors at the CES show.  Here are some of the inidivudla shots of these highly effective and cool promotional CES models.

Cool Janey B and Lesta Isley and More Models at the CES 2016 @hello_janey

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* / W&HM Staff

At CES, it's not as easy to find the faces that we are familiar with, like other shows.  It's partly because attending companies are more focused on their conventional model sources, and partly because most of the models we know don't cross over to other areas of markets.

Janey B is versatile in many different disciplines.  Not only she looks amazing, she can actually engage show attendees and pitch the technical and marketing values to the show goers.  Now that is not an easy feat.

At the 306 Fly booth, Janey has demonstrated their flagship products perfectly.  She could explain the whole thing in the long form with lots of details and benefits, and she can do it in a short video that we captured, as shown here:

Sweet Miss Nevada Teen USA 2016 Carissa Morrow for JRS Ventures, in CES 2016 @carissalynnm

* / W&HM Staff
* click photos to view in their high resolution size

It's rare to see a beauty pageant winner in a trade show.  However, the draw of CES and the sheer volume of the attendees has provided a great platform for Miss Nevada Teen USA Carissa Morrow to be present at the JRS Ventures at the show.

The sweet Miss Morrow is a very friendly person and is very approachable, especially when it comes to the photo op.  She can do perfect product commercial shots even at the noisy and hectic CES show environment.

We think that the pageant winners and candidates are perfect for large trade show personalities.  Carissa is definitely a great example!

You can find more from Carissa's page on

JRS Ventures is a wholesale distributor of many named brand products across the spectrum.  One would find many different consumer electronic products at the display and available for wholesale distribution.  You can find more information from their web site:

Awesome W&HM Cover Model Feature - Franchesca DelCarpio @franchescadc

Don't Miss The Mega Model and Super CEO of The Diamond Dozen, W&HM Cover Model Franchesca DC's Feature in our HEELS section!!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai

Check out our awesome W&HM cover model Franchesca DC's feature, including photos, Q&A and more:

Gorgeous Kirsty at CES 2016 for Bower Company

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* / W&HM Staff

You can always count on Kristy to be in the CES show.  In a few years ago, we had a first impression on this ultra cool model at the Kandy Shop bikini fashion show.  This New Zealand talented model and photographer left a strong impression on us.

Back at the CES 2016, Kirsty again was helping Bower to spread the good words about their products, and getting tons of leads.

Her gorgeous look instantly stood out in the sea of bewildering display products and florescent flooded show floor.  It's a fresh breath of glamour air in the hard and soft tech show floor.

Kirsty has a very busy schedule and constantly travels all around the world.  We sure will see her again in future events, and by the project, again in next year's CES too!
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