Cool Janey B and Lesta Isley and More Models at the CES 2016 @hello_janey

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At CES, it's not as easy to find the faces that we are familiar with, like other shows.  It's partly because attending companies are more focused on their conventional model sources, and partly because most of the models we know don't cross over to other areas of markets.

Janey B is versatile in many different disciplines.  Not only she looks amazing, she can actually engage show attendees and pitch the technical and marketing values to the show goers.  Now that is not an easy feat.

At the 306 Fly booth, Janey has demonstrated their flagship products perfectly.  She could explain the whole thing in the long form with lots of details and benefits, and she can do it in a short video that we captured, as shown here:

#360fly with @hello_janey showing their awesome 360 degrees camera. Available today! Great job Janey!! Cool stuff @3?0fly. #wheelsandheelsmag
Posted by Py Mag on Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Janey is so awesome that the whole video was captured perfect for Instagram posting, and in just one take.  We can definitely say that she is the genius in the promotional and ambassador work!!  Super kudos!!

Janey B

Lesta Isley

We've met Lesta in the last year's SEMA show, and we were totally impressed by her bright attitude.  If you have a chance to meet this awesome young lady, you would be impressed by her wonderful and cheerful personality!

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