Altec Lansing Three Graces and Live DJ at CES 2016 @ashley2me @wendicakes

The Three Altec Lansing graces, Kendra,
Megan Agrusa, and Ashley Twomey at
CES 2016 show
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* / W&HM Staff

In CES 2016, Altec Lansing had a significant presence at the show.  Not only the booth space is huge to house all their latest and greatest products for people to review and test out, also their set up was a bright and upbeat display that invited people to come in and enjoy the atmosphere.

As we mentioned in the last post that Altec Lansing products are well known for their quality and innovation.  This applies to their promotional communications as well.

Among the most effective ways to promote, Altec Lansing has captured the essence and had three awesome promo models to help them spread the messages.

Our cover model Ashley Twomey, together with her fellow models, Megan Agrusa and Kendra definitely did their great share of good jobs, stopping the traffic by just standing there, as well as engage the customers to field the first level of product info as well as getting lead information.

The three wonderful models were accompanied by the well known DJ Wendi Cakes to boost the whole scene to be a music paradise, which Altec Lansing is well capable of creating one.

The overall chi in the air was festive and relaxing.  This definitely provided a great visual and audio backdrop of great product displays and branding exposure.

With the great products like Freedom bluetooth earbuds as well as their bluetooth speakers, and many other audio products for both active lifestyle, as well as sports and fitness accessorization, Altec Lansing has done a great job and that's why they have been in the block for a long time and still holding a high prestige position.

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