Gorgeous Hayley Washinski for Cerwin Vega at CES 2016 @hwashinsky

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* www.wandhm.com / W&HM Staff

We were very happy to run into Hayley Washinsky, at the Cerwin Vega booth in CES 2016.  This year, CES does not have a whole of models, and Hayley would totally stand out as one of the top models at the show.

We first saw Hayley at the 2Crave in last year's SEMA show.  She definitely has that supermodel look and SI model quality.  And it's such a great surprise to find her again at the CES show.

Cerwin Vega always bring their A-games to big shows.  Last year at the the CES event, they hired 7 models to be at the show.   And even before that they had a booth in HIN / SD show, and that's where we found the amazing Cambria at the Cerwin Vega booth .

Also in the show, the Dream Racing company brought in their cool models to the show to help promote their high end driving experience services.  From the car that was in display, we knew that it would be a fun and fast experience to drive those souped up cars!

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