SEMA Model 2015 - Brenda and Jen Mateo for Motiv Wheels @MotivWheels_ @realjenmateo #semamodel

At Motiv Wheels, Jen Mateo and Brenda, in beautiful red dresses,
grabbed a lot of attendees' attention and media coverage during
2015 SEMA show
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Las Vegas, NV / / W&HM Staff

We were extremely impressed by the Motiv Wheels set up at the SEMA show 2015.  Not only they have one of the best outdoor corner lot display set up at the show, they also brought in their amazing brand ambassadors, Jen Mateo and Brenda.

Right by the South Hall's exterior Performance Pavilion tent, Motiv Wheels together with other sister wheels companies, have a very neat corner all by themselves.  The vast display of rows and rows of unique wheels dappled with bright and colorful promo ambassadors, made it a must-visit spot at the show.

At the Motiv Wheels section, we met two beautiful and talented models, Jen Mateo and Brenda, who were simply stunning.  Under the bright Nevada sun, they looked particularly ravishing and eye catching.

We want to thank Motiv Wheels for giving us an exclusive opportunity to capture the duo models at the show.  It was a great pleasure to be able to capture these two marvelous models, twice!!

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Jen Mateo

Motiv Wheels Duo Models

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