Sweet Miss Nevada Teen USA 2016 Carissa Morrow for JRS Ventures, in CES 2016 @carissalynnm

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It's rare to see a beauty pageant winner in a trade show.  However, the draw of CES and the sheer volume of the attendees has provided a great platform for Miss Nevada Teen USA Carissa Morrow to be present at the JRS Ventures at the show.

The sweet Miss Morrow is a very friendly person and is very approachable, especially when it comes to the photo op.  She can do perfect product commercial shots even at the noisy and hectic CES show environment.

We think that the pageant winners and candidates are perfect for large trade show personalities.  Carissa is definitely a great example!

You can find more from Carissa's page on


JRS Ventures is a wholesale distributor of many named brand products across the spectrum.  One would find many different consumer electronic products at the display and available for wholesale distribution.  You can find more information from their web site: http://jrsventuresinc.squarespace.com/

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