Many Double Models Appearances at SEMA 2015!

Double Models, Double The Attractions and Double The Traffic!  SEMA 2015, Many Double Model Appearances!

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There were many pair-based models at the SEMA show. It's simply a too big a show for most company to have just one model there.  However the double model set up is not just for covering the shift times, but it also provides a cool interaction and great chemistry among themselves as well as with the attendees.

Here leading the double model team is our smashing cover model Jessica Harbour for Spyder company, with good fellow model friend Mariah Longo.

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Jessica Harbour and Mariah Longo for Spyder

Great Models for SAS Safety Corp

Anzo Models Myra Tinajero and Friend

Lo Heydrich and Lindsey Nelson (LiLo) for SOTA Offroad

Monster Girls, Alexa Cortez

Sweet Strada Models

Catherine Lynn for Mcleod

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