Our Cover Model Ashley Twomey Showcased the Beauty of Altec Lansing BT Headpohne @Ashley2me

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It goes without saying that our stunning cover model would make anything looks amazing.  However, at the CES 2016, Ashley Twomey, our awesome cover model, has a blue bluetooth headphone at the Altec Lansing booth, and she made it look extra awesome.

Altec Lansing is well known for their high quality audio products for many years.  In fact the editor himself has a pair of their PC speakers + sub wafer set about 15 years ago, which has been the best audio speakers on PC he has by far.

This time, at the CES 2016, Altec Lansing brought their newest inventions to the show, including the 2017 Altec Lansing bluetooth earbuds Freedom.  This is one item that will be attracting a lot of attention because their designs and durability, and it is coming from the company that knows about audio quality.

Also show at the show were many other audio and visual items.  The other two that got our eyes or ears in this case, are the bluetooth speakers that can withstand a lot of abuse (like drop height of 6' to a concrete floor) as well as the unique water proof capability that could withstand longer and deeper compared to many others on the market.

We are very happy to see Altec Lansing again at the show.  We sure look forward to seeing them again and using their products in the future!

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