Big Coverage of Promotional Activities at CES 2016

The Precious Finds of Conventional Promotions at CES 2016, Plus The Extraordinary Ideas in The Show

(Click photos to view in their high resolution size) / Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

There has been an alarming trend that the promotional presences are shrinking in the CES shows, in the conventional sense.  In the past, we can easily spot promotional models and activities just 10 feet from us at most corners.  However, gradually, we had to spot them using our "Terminator Vision Scanning" eyeballs to locate even just one among the sea of people and booths.

After talking with some of the close industry friends, it seems that the budget cuts and economical forecast would not be in favor this year.  We can understand that with the global market turmoils and uncertainty, marketing dollars could be easily turned into sales expenses.

On the other hand, we also discovered some of fun and innovative ways of promoting products and brands.  These new concepts, like a fashion show with various wearable and applicable technologies,  made show even more exciting and enjoyable, while learning a lot of new things in a concise matter.

It could also b e simply a surprise element that made attendees scratch their heads, thus leaving an impression.

Here at the CES 2016, we found that it's about half of the promotional personalities compared to the last years.  Last year, we could simply put together a huge coverage of the CES models that we found.  However, this year, we could only sum them up in a big portfolio (not "humongous") to bring them to you.

Still we are very happy to see our cover and feature models including Ashley Twomey, Leila Knight, and Dennii.

We sure have high hope that the economy will be better in 2017 that will bring back more awareness and presences campaigns from companies to make the show even more enticing.

Still, overall, CES 2016 is a highly enjoyable show that combines many cool ideas and technological excitements that can simply impair your brain to overlook the decline of the promotional and their undercurrent economical direction.

Here is the big list of the models that we discovered at the CES show 2016.

Kirsty for Bower

Leila Knight for Que

Altec Lansing Models

Ashley Twomey

Altec Lansing DJ Wendi Cakes 


Dennii for ZTE

Lesta Isley for iDevices

Jenny Ladner for iHeHa

Serenity Shay for TCL

TCL Models

Chung Cheong TV Model

Janey B for 360 Fly

Julianne for Wacom

SuperSonic Models

D-Link Models

Haley Washinsky for Cerwin VegaMobile

Carissa Lynn Morrow, Miss Nevada Teen USA for JRS Ventures

Lacromioava Stovian for Earthquake Sounds 

Star Wars Everywhere!

Wearable Fashionable!

Ken Block at Ford

Fitness and Wellness

Intel All Things Human

 3D Paper Printing by MCor

Uh, Nobody knows what this is for, so we categorize it as promotional...

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