SEMA Model 2015 - Ashley Harrell for Continental Tire #semamodel

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Las Vegas,, NV / / W&HM Staff

It's always so good to see our feature model Ashley Harrell again, to see her happy and cheerful face, to catch up the latest and to see working beautifully at the SEMA 2015 show.

At the Continental Tires vast space, Ashley has commanded a great deal of attention at the show.  Her irresistible smiles and sweet and friendly attitude simply win over attendees and press hearts and cameras.

Continental Tires is always bringing their A-games to shows.  Their setup is always huge and vast, and their displays are full of strong visuals and showcasing cars.  It's a total experience.

At the SEMA 2015, Continental Tire carried their tradition and continues to be a dominating force in the South Hall, event though many others have bowed out of the space.  Our hats off to you guys!

Ashley Harrell - W&HM Feature Model

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