Gorgeous Kirsty at CES 2016 for Bower Company

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* www.wandhm.com / W&HM Staff

You can always count on Kristy to be in the CES show.  In a few years ago, we had a first impression on this ultra cool model at the Kandy Shop bikini fashion show.  This New Zealand talented model and photographer left a strong impression on us.

Back at the CES 2016, Kirsty again was helping Bower to spread the good words about their products, and getting tons of leads.

Her gorgeous look instantly stood out in the sea of bewildering display products and florescent flooded show floor.  It's a fresh breath of glamour air in the hard and soft tech show floor.

Kirsty has a very busy schedule and constantly travels all around the world.  We sure will see her again in future events, and by the project, again in next year's CES too!

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