Our Cover Model Leila Knight at Que Came to The Rescue at CES 2016 @ModelLeila

Our Cover Model Leila Knight, at "Que", Came to The Rescue of Our Promo Search in The CES 2016

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We were almost giving up at the CES 2016 the first morning.  We were expecting a low turn out of promotional personalities in the CES, but did not expect that low of turn out.  It's like a sea of people, dark grey sea of busy attendees, and overtly bright booth displays.

We did a Terminator scan of floors after floors, while checking out new technologies and products, and failed to find any of the coverage worthy models.

Then there were two brilliant models standing tall and significant on the second floor of South Hall of CES.  One is our friend, Kelly P, and the other is our cover model, Leila Knight!

Leila was like the knight that came to our rescue, when we were despaired about the model coverage, and almost chalked it off the whole show.  She was shining bright with spot lights on her.  We were elated!  The Que Phones booth is a well set up and well situated petite gem right by the escalator exit.  Their phone products project a sleek and elegant beauty with the refined curves and intuitive design to many levels of consumer types.

We got a chance to do a quick shoot with Leila and got our hopes back that this is not all a beige technology show.

When it comes to professional modeling, we can count on Leila's full commitments to the promotional industry and her extended network, when there is little hope dashed in front of us at a dire time of model coverage.  Thank you Leila!!

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