SEMA Models 2015 - Achilles Trio Models Nicole Marie Reckers Arley Elizabeth and Chanel Urban

Achilles Tires Models: Chanel Urban, Nicole Marie Reckers,
and Arley Elizabeth at the SEMA 2015 show.
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At the SEMA 2015 show, one of the uncharacteristic phenomenon happened, which was a cold and rainy day.  Usually SEMA show is blessed with bright sun that requires sunshades and light jackets.  However, this time, it showered and thundered and hailed at the 2nd day of the show.  This made the outdoor activities much more challenging, not only for the attendees, but more so for the promotional personalities.

Here at the Achilles vendor space, the 2nd day cold snap made the three promotional graces all huddled up with their big jackets.  If it was in a manga box, you will see many little puffed clouds from them, showing just how cold and wet it was.

At the end, of course, these high professionals prevailed through the day and the show and demonstrated their bright promo personalities and gave everybody a happy picture to take home with.

Achilles Radial Tires 

Achilles Tires is not a foreign name to the drifting world.  Their many times champions in Formula Drift have proven them a great and smart company in this motorsport world.

Arley Elizabeth - W&HM Cover Model

Our cover model Arley Elizabeth is always so great to take picture of, especially here with the Achilles brand new drift car at the SEMA 2015 show.

It's cold for sure!

Nicole Marie Reckers - W&HM Cover Model

Nicole Marie Reckers has come back to modeling and the world rejoiced! This talented and sweet model has made a great comeback with more appearances at various events.  We are so happy to see her again and look forward to seeing more of her in 2016!

Chanel Urban

We've met Chanel Urban many times in the past.  She is one of the professional and hardest working models that we've seen.  It's great that Achilles had her back at the SEMA show this year! 

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