BIG CES 2016 Highlight Coverage in the WHEEL Section!

Big Coverage of Day One of CES, Especially With Exciting Automobile Highlights

 Las Vegas, NV / / Py Pai
We are super excited about the day one highlight of CES 2016!

This year is automobile's big year!  From futuristic Faraday Future's FF ZERO 1 to the concept retro Toyto KiKai, to many electrical bikes/scooters, ot all kinds of drones.  It's just simply exciting!

However, we did find that there weren't as many promotional personalities there as used to be.  But then we saw our awesome cover model Leila Knight, and other great models that we found at the show.

We will not say decisively yet, because we still have other areas that need to be covered.  By tomorrow we will have a more accurate survey to bring back to you.

For now, definitely check out the full article (long read) in the following link:and learn more about what's new and what's cool at the CES this year: