Gorgeous Hayley Washinski for Cerwin Vega at CES 2016 @hwashinsky

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We were very happy to run into Hayley Washinsky, at the Cerwin Vega booth in CES 2016.  This year, CES does not have a whole of models, and Hayley would totally stand out as one of the top models at the show.

We first saw Hayley at the 2Crave in last year's SEMA show.  She definitely has that supermodel look and SI model quality.  And it's such a great surprise to find her again at the CES show.

Cerwin Vega always bring their A-games to big shows.  Last year at the the CES event, they hired 7 models to be at the show.   And even before that they had a booth in HIN / SD show, and that's where we found the amazing Cambria at the Cerwin Vega booth .

Also in the show, the Dream Racing company brought in their cool models to the show to help promote their high end driving experience services.  From the car that was in display, we knew that it would be a fun and fast experience to drive those souped up cars!

Altec Lansing Three Graces and Live DJ at CES 2016 @ashley2me @wendicakes

The Three Altec Lansing graces, Kendra,
Megan Agrusa, and Ashley Twomey at
CES 2016 show
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In CES 2016, Altec Lansing had a significant presence at the show.  Not only the booth space is huge to house all their latest and greatest products for people to review and test out, also their set up was a bright and upbeat display that invited people to come in and enjoy the atmosphere.

As we mentioned in the last post that Altec Lansing products are well known for their quality and innovation.  This applies to their promotional communications as well.

Among the most effective ways to promote, Altec Lansing has captured the essence and had three awesome promo models to help them spread the messages.

Our cover model Ashley Twomey, together with her fellow models, Megan Agrusa and Kendra definitely did their great share of good jobs, stopping the traffic by just standing there, as well as engage the customers to field the first level of product info as well as getting lead information.

The three wonderful models were accompanied by the well known DJ Wendi Cakes to boost the whole scene to be a music paradise, which Altec Lansing is well capable of creating one.

The overall chi in the air was festive and relaxing.  This definitely provided a great visual and audio backdrop of great product displays and branding exposure.

With the great products like Freedom bluetooth earbuds as well as their bluetooth speakers, and many other audio products for both active lifestyle, as well as sports and fitness accessorization, Altec Lansing has done a great job and that's why they have been in the block for a long time and still holding a high prestige position.

Our Cover Model Ashley Twomey Showcased the Beauty of Altec Lansing BT Headpohne @Ashley2me

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It goes without saying that our stunning cover model would make anything looks amazing.  However, at the CES 2016, Ashley Twomey, our awesome cover model, has a blue bluetooth headphone at the Altec Lansing booth, and she made it look extra awesome.

Altec Lansing is well known for their high quality audio products for many years.  In fact the editor himself has a pair of their PC speakers + sub wafer set about 15 years ago, which has been the best audio speakers on PC he has by far.

This time, at the CES 2016, Altec Lansing brought their newest inventions to the show, including the 2017 Altec Lansing bluetooth earbuds Freedom.  This is one item that will be attracting a lot of attention because their designs and durability, and it is coming from the company that knows about audio quality.

Also show at the show were many other audio and visual items.  The other two that got our eyes or ears in this case, are the bluetooth speakers that can withstand a lot of abuse (like drop height of 6' to a concrete floor) as well as the unique water proof capability that could withstand longer and deeper compared to many others on the market.

We are very happy to see Altec Lansing again at the show.  We sure look forward to seeing them again and using their products in the future!

Our Cover Model Leila Knight at Que Came to The Rescue at CES 2016 @ModelLeila

Our Cover Model Leila Knight, at "Que", Came to The Rescue of Our Promo Search in The CES 2016

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We were almost giving up at the CES 2016 the first morning.  We were expecting a low turn out of promotional personalities in the CES, but did not expect that low of turn out.  It's like a sea of people, dark grey sea of busy attendees, and overtly bright booth displays.

We did a Terminator scan of floors after floors, while checking out new technologies and products, and failed to find any of the coverage worthy models.

Then there were two brilliant models standing tall and significant on the second floor of South Hall of CES.  One is our friend, Kelly P, and the other is our cover model, Leila Knight!

Leila was like the knight that came to our rescue, when we were despaired about the model coverage, and almost chalked it off the whole show.  She was shining bright with spot lights on her.  We were elated!  The Que Phones booth is a well set up and well situated petite gem right by the escalator exit.  Their phone products project a sleek and elegant beauty with the refined curves and intuitive design to many levels of consumer types.

We got a chance to do a quick shoot with Leila and got our hopes back that this is not all a beige technology show.

When it comes to professional modeling, we can count on Leila's full commitments to the promotional industry and her extended network, when there is little hope dashed in front of us at a dire time of model coverage.  Thank you Leila!!

W&HM #ModelMonday Feature Model - Monica Sepulveda

The Ultra Talented Monica Sepulveda

Los Angeles, CA / www.wandhm.com / Py Pai

We are so happy to publish a feature of our super talented model, Monica Sepulveda, in our HEELS section!

Monica has been our cover model in our web edition back in September 2011.  Her immense talents and supermodel like quality of work have lead us to continuously working with her to create more amazing arts.

Through the creative process, Monica has garnered more print magazine features, as well as being on a poster wall in a bar at San Diego.  What an awesome achievement!

Here is the link to the feature:

Inside the feature, Monica has demonstrated her natural talents in modeling, and the intense high-fashion styles of skills.  Definitely check it out and learn more about this totally awesome model!

Big Coverage of Promotional Activities at CES 2016

The Precious Finds of Conventional Promotions at CES 2016, Plus The Extraordinary Ideas in The Show

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wandhm.com / Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

There has been an alarming trend that the promotional presences are shrinking in the CES shows, in the conventional sense.  In the past, we can easily spot promotional models and activities just 10 feet from us at most corners.  However, gradually, we had to spot them using our "Terminator Vision Scanning" eyeballs to locate even just one among the sea of people and booths.

After talking with some of the close industry friends, it seems that the budget cuts and economical forecast would not be in favor this year.  We can understand that with the global market turmoils and uncertainty, marketing dollars could be easily turned into sales expenses.

On the other hand, we also discovered some of fun and innovative ways of promoting products and brands.  These new concepts, like a fashion show with various wearable and applicable technologies,  made show even more exciting and enjoyable, while learning a lot of new things in a concise matter.

It could also b e simply a surprise element that made attendees scratch their heads, thus leaving an impression.

Here at the CES 2016, we found that it's about half of the promotional personalities compared to the last years.  Last year, we could simply put together a huge coverage of the CES models that we found.  However, this year, we could only sum them up in a big portfolio (not "humongous") to bring them to you.

Still we are very happy to see our cover and feature models including Ashley Twomey, Leila Knight, and Dennii.

We sure have high hope that the economy will be better in 2017 that will bring back more awareness and presences campaigns from companies to make the show even more enticing.

Still, overall, CES 2016 is a highly enjoyable show that combines many cool ideas and technological excitements that can simply impair your brain to overlook the decline of the promotional and their undercurrent economical direction.

Here is the big list of the models that we discovered at the CES show 2016.
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