You Cannot Peel Yourself From Her Gaze! The DUB Magazine Model and ACE Alloy Model at #DUBShow 2016

The tall and beautiful DUB Magazine model looked perfect right next to the heavy duty DUB off road vehicle! / W&HM Staff

We. Have definitely seen this beautiful blonde model before.  We just cannot pick up the name of her.  Well, it's great to see her again at the DUB show LA 2016.

During the short seconds of photo op, we definitely captured the essences of great modeling.  Her captivating eyes, elongated pose and figure, totally left us a strong impression.

Even though we did not get a lot of different photos with her, as we did not want to distract the promo/sales person right next to her, we definitely appreciate this fine model and look forward to see more of her in the future!

There were so many DUB Models Than We Could Cover in a Few Articles

DUB show is full of models, cars, vendors, lights, and cameras!  It's a candy shop for model and car lovers! / W&HM Staff

Every time people attend DUB show would expect a full body experience, from the loud music to the dazzling arrays of visual goodies, as well as big space that one coul walk in no end to count as the day's exercise step count.

As always, the wheels companies are the leading segment to lead the model + car lifestyle concept.  The combination is perfect and cannot be more defining a brand than other methods.  The models that you hire and the costumes that you put on them, as well as the attitude that you direct them to have, all have long lasting effects on people toward your brand.  Definitely choose wisely, coach properly, and encourage accordingly!

Skyrocketing Famous Forgiato's model Theresa Erika from Yngbrokeandtalented at #dubshow LA 2016

We met again the EAF crowning winner Theresa Erika, at the Forgiato booth at DUB show 2016! / W&HM Staff

The glowing Theresa Erika, carrying her winning title of EAF bikini contest Anaheim, showed her strong promotional support to the Forgiato Wheels at the DUB Show LA 2016.

Theresa has that mysterious glamour and enticing figure that both are her killer features.  One you work with her, you would learn that she is a greatly friendly personality that would make the working with her experience simply impressive.

We sure will see a lot of Theresa Erika a lot in the future, now her stardom has launched big time!!

Check Out The Gorgeous Lexani Wheels Model Jo Gomez and Diablo Wheels Models at #DUBShow 2016 @onewonderworld

Wheels Companies have all the fun!!  They have sleek wheels, swag cars and sweet models! / W&HM Staff

If you go to major car shows and are interested in finding modelsm, then head over to all the wheels companies.  All may not have models, but definitely the density of the model appearance is high consistently compared to any other aftermarket components companies.
Here at the Lexani Wheels booth, we have Jo at the show as the prominent draw to the booth.  Then at other show vendors, you will find more models for sure that will make your trip worthwhile!

Sizzling Nadya Padron Loves The Photos at #Spocom Anaheim Super Show 2016 by Calvin Li @spocom #calvinli

Nadya Padron showed up at the Spocom Super Show Anaheim 2016 with a big wow!! / Photos by Calvin Li

The cool photos brought back by our contributing photographer, Calvin Li, has demonstrated the beauty of Nadya Padron at the Spocom show.  He has literally taking pictures of all sides of Nadya and we are impressed!

Standing at the Vape Legends booth, Nadya showed us the her sexy figure and sensual moods under the flash's spotlight.  The toned body and strong modeling, totally made the whole booth alive and

Can't Take Our Eyes Off Leggy Kori West from Yngbrokeandtalented for Forgiato at #DUBshow LA 2016

The gorgeous and leggy Kori West for the Forgiato Wheels at the DUB Show LA / W&HM Staff

This is the first time that we met Kori West and we can say we were totally stunned.  The long blond hair model with sleek white bustier top and black mini skirt that accentuates her exquisite pair of long legs, we were totally mesmerized,  at the Forgiato wheels booth.

Still we did not forget why we came to the DUB show for... We requested a nano photo op with the cool white Ferrari right next to her.  Not only Kori gave us great photos, she was so friendly that we were smittened right away.

We definitely love to see her again in the future, so stay tuned and maybe the opportunity will knock again!

Spotlighting Theresa Erika #Spocom Anaheim Super Show 2016 by Calvin Li @spocom #theresaerika #calvinli

We have seen a lot of Theresa Erika in recent car shows and it's always our great pleasure! / Photos by Calvin Li

Ever since our first sighting of Theresa Erika, we were impressed.  The crowning Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2016 bikini contest winner, has brought the car show modeling world by storm.

It's easy to see why Theresa Erika is so popular.  Not only she has that killer body, with all the right curves in the right places, she has the natural child's sweet personality that is not afraid of showing those beautiful curves.
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