Heavy Hitters Big Model Presence with Kaylie Finch, Marina Maritinine, and Jill Billingsley at #DUBShow LA 2016!

The ultra cool Heavy Hitters Wheels Girls at the DUB LA show 2016 showing their fashionable poses, completed with cool rides and wheels!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

Not all vendors, especially wheels vendors are created equal. Heavy Hitters Wheels understands the values of promotional personalities and had a full presence at the DUB Shows LA since several years ago.

This time, Heavy Hitters had the two super awesome cover models, Annelise Marie and Elizabeth Velasquez!, together with Leanna Decker and three beautiful graces!

But before we show more of these three amazing ladies, allow us introduce you three models that were highly active and highly popular at the show Heavy Hitters show floor.

Kaylie Finch, Marina Martiinine, and Jill Billingsley each wrapped in very form-fitting mini dresses and brought together with their free give-aways.  Together with their sister models, Heavy Hitters made huge splashes at the show and won many hearts and flashes!

Now let's see more of these three graces from the DUB LA show!

 Kaylie Finch

 Marina Maritinine 

 Jill Billingsley

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