Heavy Hitters Elizabeth Velasquez and Leanna Decker in #DUBShow @LizVelasquez @Leanna_Decker

Heavy Hitters Wheels has brought tour de force models including our highly published cover model Elizabeth Velasquez as well as Annelise Marie, and Leanna Decker to the DUB Show LA!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

It's always great to see our cover model, Elizabeth Velasquez.  This highly published model has appeared at world web worlds of Sports Illustrated, FHM, Esquire, and many more well-known spots of the net and prints.  This time Elizabeth was at the fittingly huge Heavy Hitters Wheels booth together with our cover model Annelise Marie.

Also at the booth was the meet-again Leanna Decker.  Leanna has impressed us from an earlier appearance at a last year's show.

Heavy Hitters Wheels is one of the biggest players at the DUB Show Los Angeles this year.  They were by far the highest count of models at the booth across the convention center.  We are totally impressed by their strong presence, super souped-up cars, and of course, their cover models and more models!

When you go to a show that has Heavy Hitters, or 2Crave companies, don't miss them.  You will be
very pleasantly impressed!

Elizabeth Velasquez 

Annelise Marie and Elizabeth Velasquez

Leanna Decker

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