Smoking Sweet Alicia Kush Kandy and More Models at #DUBShow 2016

The ultra fun Alicia Kush Kandy has come to DUB Show LA as the Queen of Royal Blunts / W&HM Staff

Alicia Kush Kandy has become a highly sough after model in the car show and alternative lifestyle events.  This ultra fun and super affectionate talented model can pick up any song and start a wonderful dance.

At the DUB Show LA, it's such a great pleasure to see her again at the alternative lifestyle section of the show floor, right next to the very popular platform areas, where a large amount of people packed in front of the stage.

Also at the lifestyle section, we met up the Freeway insurance girls right next door.  The quad model team gave many sweet photo ops to the show attendees.  Guess
it's a great Freeway insurance experience.  Plus there were more models at the DUB Show than we could properly record them at the time!

Alicia Kush Kandy

More DUB Show Models

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