Stunning Marisol Alatorre Caused a Wet Storm Frenzy at #Westcoastinvasion @AlatorreMarisol

The Westcoast Invasion Bikini Contest model Marisol Alatorre not only won the contest, she also created the highest frenzy at the car show at the Chino Airport! / W&HM Staff

It was hot, not just the sun blaring hot, but also bikini cladding water dripping hot, especially when it comes to the performances of Marisol Alatorre at the Westocast Invasion car show.

This is the first time we met Marisol, and we were totally impressed with her on-stage model persona.  It was a fearless show of her passion
for modeling, her drive for expression, and her art of direct interactions with the crowd, cameras, and the invisible social media networks!

Marisol has a gorgeous face, and a supple figure, and an exhibit of succulent figure.  All these exterior qualities are a perfect match for her interior fire of engaging, enticing, and alluring modeling personality.

Throughout the bikini contest, people just could not stop taking pictures of her.  When the contest got wetter, the cameras and flashes were all over her, and elbowing for vantage points to suit whatever personal interests they have in their intentions.

Marisol is totally a tour de force at the Westcoast Invasion Bikini Contest, and we sure look forward to seeing her in future events!!

Marisol Alatorre

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