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JDM Sport Vixens Girl Andrea in red minidress at Westcoast Invasion car show

JDM Sport Vixens brought their glorious force to the Westcoast Invasion Chino 2016 car show and made huge booms to the modeling scene at the show! / W&HM Staff

JDM Sport Vixens team has a relentless and truly dedicated drive to the car show industry.  In all the major and smaller car shows, you would also notice their presence, either by the bright JDM Sport mini dresses or the curvaceous and flamboyant happy model personalities.

Here at the Westcoast Invasion car show, JDM Sport Vixens have done it again and plussing it to another level.  They dominated the scene with their models across the Chino Airport hanger as well as the outside private jet
parking lot.

Through out our coverage you will see time and time again the vast appearances these fresh face and familiar friends n our coverage!



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