BIG Highlights of #ExtremeAutofest San Diego 2016 with Models, Cars, and Fierce Hey Baby Bikini Contest! @extremeautofest

A huge coverage of Extreme Aufoest San Diego 2016 with cover models, import models, and promo models, plus vintage cars, souped up cars, and modified cars, and a high energy Hey Baby Bikini Contest!! / W&HM Staff

The wonderful Extreme Autofest San Diego 2016 was finally here.  It was a leisurely awesome and definitively fun car show and bikini contest event!  You all did it again, great Extreme Autofest team!

The weather was hot, and the traffic was bad. However, it did not deter the eager San Diegans to the great car show of the region.

Cars and vendors occupied the sprawling space of Qualcomm Stadium parking lot accompanied by loud music and dappled with many local models as well as regional big names!

It's so good to see our cover models Jessica Weaver, and models Sarah Marie and Hanna Ferraez at the show.  We haven't seen them for long time, especially during the crowded car show season!

Even though the model lounge is comparably smaller than the show's sibling, Extreme Autofest Anaheim show, still it has its charm with the local SD models.

On the other hand, the vendors at the EAF / SD show were very happy.  They expressed that they have great results from the show here.  It could be that there are not that many car shows in the San Diego area.  Compared to the LA/OC's crazy car show frequency, car lovers and carers are more excited about the opportunity to see the products and presences of the vendors.

This makes the San Diego show a real gem and unspoken secret venue for vendors and companies to conduct good marketing and business here.

And of course, the car show itself is a great collection of various genres of cars and mods.  We were immediately attracted the classic cars to the left side after the entrance.

There were some classic cars in low rider style truly defined the subculture of restoration and modification.  The caring owners have restored many of these pre-WWII era cars into modern condition, with additional personal touches, either through paint art works, or additions in a Rococo fashion.

 Then the big class of lowrider cars across the big half of the car show area, were one of the highlights of the show cars.  The dazzling body paints, as well as even more daring artworks that showed female bodies in awe than imagination.

And of course the import section of the car show is a dominating force at the show.  The souped up JDM showing, or KDM emerging, or European performances, were all the rage of the show.

 Among the show cars, we met up our great buddy World Wide Lancer Club and took some cool pictures of the cool blue Lancer, which is the first car that bear our W&HM decal on the car.  We are so honored and cannot say enough thanks for their tremendous generosity to made us part of their family!

For any car lovers, Extreme Autofest is a great place to find the community's shared love of cars and gears.

Last but not the least, the famous Hey Baby of California Bikini Contest was the heavy weight of the car show programs.
This year's Extreme Autofest San Diego bikini contest is a bit different than the previous years'.  They still have many models in the contest.  Actually there were so many models that the time almost ran out on them.  It just shows how popular they are, plus they offer the hard cash prizes to the top three winners!
 The bikini contest team has graciously invited us to the backstage and do personal interview and photo shoots of the contestants before they went on stage.  We were highly grateful to their generosity and we definitely had a great time and captured some cool BTS photos!
When the virtual curtain came down, the Spetrum Magazine's girls won big and have tons of fun!!  Great job and many congrats!!

Models at Extreme Autofeest San Diego 2016

Jessica Weaver

 Sarah Marie


 Fines Pena

 Christine Zegers 

 Elizabeth Izumo

 Heather Kirby and Friend

 Renee Cloutier

 GXS Girl

Arnee Mory

 Cool Show Cars at Extreme Autofest San Diego 2016

 The famous Hey Baby of California Bikini Contest

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