Skyrocketing Famous Forgiato's model Theresa Erika from Yngbrokeandtalented at #dubshow LA 2016

We met again the EAF crowning winner Theresa Erika, at the Forgiato booth at DUB show 2016! / W&HM Staff

The glowing Theresa Erika, carrying her winning title of EAF bikini contest Anaheim, showed her strong promotional support to the Forgiato Wheels at the DUB Show LA 2016.

Theresa has that mysterious glamour and enticing figure that both are her killer features.  One you work with her, you would learn that she is a greatly friendly personality that would make the working with her experience simply impressive.

We sure will see a lot of Theresa Erika a lot in the future, now her stardom has launched big time!!

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