A Big Pictorial Highlight of Grand Spocom 10th Anniversary Super Show Anaheim 2016 by @calibre68 Clinton Lum and Calvin Li

The Super Show of Spocom, ,at her 10th anniversary brought us a lot of great personalities and models and cars and entertainment and fun!!

Photo by Clinton Lum and Calvin Li, Text by W&HM Staff

When you are the top car show in the so-Cal region, and it's your 10th anniversary birthday, it must be a huge celebration!  This year's Spocom Super Show is a big one!!

We have two photographers covering the events, one is our long time guru sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, and the other is a new face in the car show photography industry, Calvin Li.   We totally got two different perspectives of capturing the beauties and excitements of this grand event!

Spocom Cover by Clinton Lum

Spocom bikini contests are never the same every year.  The organization kept its freshness and coolness throughout the years.  We still remember the early days where MCs were part of the stage performances together with the contestants.  More different MCs would give different vibes and fun at these tense competitions!

This yea'rs crowning beauties are, the winner Diana Mila, and our feature model + last year's queen, Krstina Hong, as well as Heather Charm as runner ups.
 Our cover model Nicole Marie was hard at working at the show!
Everybody was happy to see Jessica Weaver to be back in the scene!!
 The super talented Chelley, our feature model, for the Naked Sushi

 Tawnie Jaclyn for Toyo

 Brittany Brickner

 Asia, The JDM Vixens

 Ela Pasion

 Arnee Mory

 Jessica Weaver

 Jenna Lane

 Jessica Wong

 Nicole Marie again!  Yay!

 Lilly Evans

 Spocom Coverage by Calvin Li

Calvin Li took a different approach on the model photography at the Spocom show and gave us more immediacy to the models at the show

Charise Jeanne

About Calvin Li

According to himself, "I am just a car enthusiast and freelance photographer who loves to make beautiful images!" - Instagram: @calvinliphoto

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