Sweet Model-by-Model Recount of Spocom Anaheim Super Show Bikini Contest 2016 Brought here by Calvin Li

The famous Spocom Bikini Contest had a great turn out and crowned Diana Mila as Miss Spocom Anaheim 2016

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Photos by Calvin Li

Bikini Contest is always one of the highlights of the Spocom show.  Year over year, they have produced many wonderful Miss Spocom's that people love.

Our contributing photographer, Calvin Li, has brought us a model-by-model recount of the fierce competition.

From the first model, Miss Spocom Anaheim 2015, also our feature model, to the last but not the least model, all showing different types of beauty and personalities.

Here is
the quick recap of the models and the sweet crowning moments!

Spocom Bikini Contest Anaheim 2016

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