Many Happy Moments of Lilly Evans @LillyEvans_ at #westcoastinvasion

At the Westcoast Invasion Chino 2016 car show, the bikini contest brought out some of the happiest moments that we captured of the famous model Lilly Evans!! / W&HM Staff

We love Lilly Evans!  We've seen her grown from a car show model now to a famous star model.  We've seen her in many car shows but none is like this one at the Westcoast Invasion 2016 car show at the Chino airport hanger.

The bikini contest at the car show has one great ingredient that 99% of other car show bikini contest does not have... H2O!!!

During the contest, sprayed water on models, and heated music dance
moves made the stand a great model open stage.  At those fine moments, Lilly Evans stood out with her true-heart-felt laughter, sensual talented moves, as well as great chemistry among friends and fans!

This is a long picture post, so kick back and join the fun moments!

Lilly Evans

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