You Cannot Peel Yourself From Her Gaze! The DUB Magazine Model and ACE Alloy Model at #DUBShow 2016

The tall and beautiful DUB Magazine model looked perfect right next to the heavy duty DUB off road vehicle! / W&HM Staff

We. Have definitely seen this beautiful blonde model before.  We just cannot pick up the name of her.  Well, it's great to see her again at the DUB show LA 2016.

During the short seconds of photo op, we definitely captured the essences of great modeling.  Her captivating eyes, elongated pose and figure, totally left us a strong impression.

Even though we did not get a lot of different photos with her, as we did not want to distract the promo/sales person right next to her, we definitely appreciate this fine model and look forward to see more of her in the future!

Also at the DUB show the ACE Alloy brought their cool model to the show and we also got a small window of opportunity to capture her at the show.

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