There were so many DUB Models Than We Could Cover in a Few Articles

DUB show is full of models, cars, vendors, lights, and cameras!  It's a candy shop for model and car lovers! / W&HM Staff

Every time people attend DUB show would expect a full body experience, from the loud music to the dazzling arrays of visual goodies, as well as big space that one coul walk in no end to count as the day's exercise step count.

As always, the wheels companies are the leading segment to lead the model + car lifestyle concept.  The combination is perfect and cannot be more defining a brand than other methods.  The models that you hire and the costumes that you put on them, as well as the attitude that you direct them to have, all have long lasting effects on people toward your brand.  Definitely choose wisely, coach properly, and encourage accordingly!

Viktoria Koos

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