Cover Model Constance Nunes for LRG at #DUBShow 2016

Our cover model Constannce Nunes showed up with a matching green sexy dress for Lrg Rims / W&HM Staff

Lrg Rims is a very outdoorsy type of rim company, which is perfect for our cover model Constance Nunes.

Constance is sun-loving, car-building kind of gal.  The match could not be more perfect!  For the little time that we had at the show it's hard to get a great shot of this super popular model at the booth.  Nonetheless we got it done and here is the beautiful and super talented Constance Nunes!

With the matching green color theme at the Lrg, Constance was surrounded by many of long time and instant fans!

New Model! Al & Ed's Autosound Models Leila and Rosie Flores at the #DUBShow LA 2016

Al & Ed's Autosound Found New Talent and Brought Familiar Face to DUB show LA 2016 / W&HM Staff

Al & Ed's Autosound always supports the car show events community with great presences of their promotional models.   This time at the DUB Show LA 2016, we found Leila and Rosie Flores right off the show started.

Leila has that shy and fresh model personality and made a great presence at the big booth.

During our mini photo shoot session at the show, Leila has transformed into both a fashion model and a promo model.  That is very cool!

Sweet Model-by-Model Recount of Spocom Anaheim Super Show Bikini Contest 2016 Brought here by Calvin Li

The famous Spocom Bikini Contest had a great turn out and crowned Diana Mila as Miss Spocom Anaheim 2016 / Photos by Calvin Li

Bikini Contest is always one of the highlights of the Spocom show.  Year over year, they have produced many wonderful Miss Spocom's that people love.

Our contributing photographer, Calvin Li, has brought us a model-by-model recount of the fierce competition.

From the first model, Miss Spocom Anaheim 2015, also our feature model, to the last but not the least model, all showing different types of beauty and personalities.

Here is

Got Wood? Said Smokebuddy!! Our Cover Model Carolina Rusco and Nikki Trinidad and Friend at #DUBShowLA 2016

It's awesome to see our cover model Carolina Rusco as well as the friendly Nikki Trinadad at the DUB Show for Smokebuddy booth / W&HM Staff

We haven't seen Carolina Rusco for a long time, since the last time we did the cover shoot with Franchesca DC, and that was a long while ago.  This great model told us that she is busy with the school work and came up to support her at this DUB Show event.

Carolina Rusco is ever so brilliant and great to catch up with.  Even thought she is working hard at school, you never know when she will show up again at the show when you least expect her!

Smoking Sweet Alicia Kush Kandy and More Models at #DUBShow 2016

The ultra fun Alicia Kush Kandy has come to DUB Show LA as the Queen of Royal Blunts / W&HM Staff

Alicia Kush Kandy has become a highly sough after model in the car show and alternative lifestyle events.  This ultra fun and super affectionate talented model can pick up any song and start a wonderful dance.

At the DUB Show LA, it's such a great pleasure to see her again at the alternative lifestyle section of the show floor, right next to the very popular platform areas, where a large amount of people packed in front of the stage.

Also at the lifestyle section, we met up the Freeway insurance girls right next door.  The quad model team gave many sweet photo ops to the show attendees.  Guess

A Big Pictorial Highlight of Grand Spocom 10th Anniversary Super Show Anaheim 2016 by @calibre68 Clinton Lum and Calvin Li

The Super Show of Spocom, ,at her 10th anniversary brought us a lot of great personalities and models and cars and entertainment and fun!!
Photo by Clinton Lum and Calvin Li, Text by W&HM Staff

When you are the top car show in the so-Cal region, and it's your 10th anniversary birthday, it must be a huge celebration!  This year's Spocom Super Show is a big one!!

We have two photographers covering the events, one is our long time guru sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, and the other is a new face in the car show photography industry, Calvin Li.   We totally got two different perspectives of capturing the beauties and excitements of this grand event!

Legs in Perfection! Stunning Blonde Bombshell Annelise Marie for Heavy Hitters Wheels at #DUBShow LA 2016 @annelisejr

Our stunning cover model Annelise Marie created such iconic works with Heavy Hitters' cool BMW i8 / W&HM Staff
You can never take a bad picture of Annelise Marie.  The ultra all-American blonde bombshell looked perfect with the ultra sleek white BMW i8 car at the Heavy Hitters Wheels booth.

Annelise Marie is always busy with her multi-projects model life.  You would see her in various commercial works, artistic projects as well as promotional events.  She is one master
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