Heavy Hitters Elizabeth Velasquez and Leanna Decker in #DUBShow @LizVelasquez @Leanna_Decker

Heavy Hitters Wheels has brought tour de force models including our highly published cover model Elizabeth Velasquez as well as Annelise Marie, and Leanna Decker to the DUB Show LA!

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It's always great to see our cover model, Elizabeth Velasquez.  This highly published model has appeared at world web worlds of Sports Illustrated, FHM, Esquire, and many more well-known spots of the net and prints.  This time Elizabeth was at the fittingly huge Heavy Hitters Wheels booth together with our cover model Annelise Marie.

Also at the booth was the meet-again Leanna Decker.  Leanna has impressed us from an earlier appearance at a last year's show.

Heavy Hitters Wheels is one of the biggest players at the DUB Show Los Angeles this year.  They were by far the highest count of models at the booth across the convention center.  We are totally impressed by their strong presence, super souped-up cars, and of course, their cover models and more models!

When you go to a show that has Heavy Hitters, or 2Crave companies, don't miss them.  You will be

Sweet Feature Model Hanna Ferraez for Asanti at #DUBShow 2016

Sweet and beautiful Hanna Ferraez for Asanti Wheels at the DUB Show LA 2016

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Our feature model, Hanna Ferraez is such a sweet and friendly model who has loyal followings through the social media as well as in person.

This time at the DUB show LA, Hanna is representing Asanti Wheels who has a vast display at the center of the show venue.

When asked about her SEMA plan this year like the last year's busy appearance, she is not yet committed as this is still July, which is about 4 months away!  But we sure will be very happy to see her there this year again!

Gorgeous Lisa Lee Marie Version 2.0 Came Backc Strong at #DUBshow 2016 @LisaLeeMarie13

leggy blond model Lisa Lee Marie at DUB show 2016

The sweet Lisa Lee Marie resurfaced at the DUB Show LA 2016 with her always stunning look and warmest friendliness

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We haven't seen Lisa Lee Marie for a long time.  That's why we were so happy to see this stunning model when she showed up at the DUB show LA 2016!

This leggy, blondie, happy promotional model has taking some time off the car show scene and we totally missed her at various shows that she frequented before.

This time, she came back with high focus and clarity about life, we see a version 2.0 of Lisa Lee Marie

Powerbass Hottie Sarah Marie at #DUBShow LA 2016

The always sunny and happy and bright feature model Sarah Marie brought in good fortune for Powerbass at the DUB Show Los Angeles 2016

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One of the roles of a promotional model or brand ambassador is to bring in floor traffic and direct them to the products in display or experts at the booth.

Our feature model Sarah Marie at Powerbass is really good at that!  She has that bright and happy personality that is super infectious.  Every time she greeted people, everybody just felt warm about her presence.  Then Sarah is never shy about taking pictures of herself with people, or simply being a gorgeous model by the products.  That's what

Heavy Hitters Big Model Presence with Kaylie Finch, Marina Maritinine, and Jill Billingsley at #DUBShow LA 2016!

The ultra cool Heavy Hitters Wheels Girls at the DUB LA show 2016 showing their fashionable poses, completed with cool rides and wheels!

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Not all vendors, especially wheels vendors are created equal. Heavy Hitters Wheels understands the values of promotional personalities and had a full presence at the DUB Shows LA since several years ago.

This time, Heavy Hitters had the two super awesome cover models, Annelise Marie and Elizabeth Velasquez!, together with Leanna Decker and three beautiful graces!

But before we show more of these three amazing ladies, allow us introduce you three models that were highly active and highly popular at the show Heavy Hitters show floor.

Kaylie Finch, Marina Martiinine, and Jill Billingsley each wrapped in very form-fitting mini dresses and brought together with their free give-aways.  Together with their sister models, Heavy Hitters made huge splashes at the show and won many hearts and flashes!

Now let's see more of these three graces from the DUB LA show!

BIG Pictorial Highlights of DUB Show LA 2016 @dubshowtour #dubshow

The big DUB Show LA with lots of cool cars and models!!

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The set up of this year's DUB LA show is pretty impressive.  In the past long lines were guaranteed and waiting could be more than an hour.  However, this time, the organizer has gotten well with the convention center security as well as LAPD to set up a great array of security checks and police presence.  This does make the show goers feeling much safer after a couple of year's ago's incident.

Enerting the DUB LA show in the big convention center, you would immediately feel the throbbing music vibes as well as shiny and gleaming metals all around you.

It goes without saying, the DUB show is always about lifestyle cars that boast the swags, the shiny chromes, and larger than life loundess.  They all show in the cars at the venue.

Various car clubs showed up in full force to pack the convention center as much as they could allow.  Nokturnal, Swift, Xplizit, and more all came out and show their latest and greatest.

As for the models, we are super thrilled to see some of the models that we have not seen for a long time, or recently, as we always love to see them.

From the top the double cover model team, Annelise Marie and Elizabeth Velasquez for Heavy Hitters right at the front and center of the show floor.  Anybody entering the show would immediately see a line in front of them for a chance ot have their autographed posters.

Then our cover model Constance Nunes showed up gorgeously in her very green gown for LRG wheels.  We also were super happy to see Lisa Lee Marie again after a long period of hiatus. Totally awesome!  Also the cover model Carolina was at the show too.  This is too cool!  Then Cecilia showed up again, also after a long while from the scene.  Also Sarah Marie, the most sunniest model that we've work with!!   It's like a magazine retro reunion!!

 Of course, the DUB show has many many models that we probably missed along the way, as it's such a big space to fill and so many spots to visit.  Here are the highlights of the DUB show LA 2016!

Fearless Zoey Lee for Rafael Clothing at @ExtremeAutofest Anaheim 2016 @therealzoeylee

Zoey Lee in floral bra top and black denim shorts at EAF Anaheim 2016

A long distance appearance of Zoey Lee for Rafael Clothing at the hot Extreme Autofest Anaheim2016!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

Zoey Lee does not live in southern California, yet!  This currently Seattle-resident import model has come down to Extreme Autofest Anaheim car show this year, representing Rafael Clothing line.

This sweet yet intense model gave us a few poses as our first model coverage of the show.  We could tell that it would be a great start already.

We got a chance to work with the highly in-demand Zoey Lee over a few weeks ago, and are planning to have a feature
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